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The loom is a symbol of cosmic creation and the structure upon which individual destiny is woven. I had this written down, I think I picked it up from some old book but I cannot remember.  Although I like the "size" of the statement, I am not sure I could go that far.   For me, personally,  still considering it's pull on me.  ... a symbol of building, a structured path, a way to weave, and maybe, at this moment, a frame of mind.  A  loom might be a way to frame potential.  Destiny is too far fetched for me.  Though it does frame the unfinished. That can work.  And it frames an unfolding story so it fits to thoughts I have about time frame.

In the process of reconsidering weave, I am pulling together a lot of history.  Some from the old blog, some from the old class, some from some old dreams. Some from new thoughts.  So slower.  I will stay with loom for a while.

Below The Three Looms that were with me for so long.  But not used for so long.   And what I wrote about them back in 2010.  I put a link here, because a lot of you were there with me. And I love all the comments.


Papa Loom


Mama Loom


Baby Loom


So there are looms you can make yourself and then those you can't or don't. These looms above, well only Mama and Papa are still with me.  Baby loom I gave away. These looms are for the kind of weaving I call loom controlled.  The threads are hooked up to mechanisms that  move them up and down, a motion that facilitates the weft moving through and the patterned structure of the cloth itself.  I am not really there anymore.  After years of technical work in the textile industry,  I had enough.  There is a predictability there, I understand it, and I continue to need another kind of journey.   That being said, understanding the technical aspect of weave made me know cloth in a way that  others who work with cloth may not.  It is part of the story, for knowing your materials deeply, well,  will change the relationship.  I will try to talk about these things I learned about cloth more.


This is the post on Looms I made for considering weave. I extracted it as an image so you can click to enlarge it.

There are so many ideas for looms out there at this point. There has been a lot more interest in this kind of approach since 2014, Ha!

And I did some talking back then...


So I put all of this here, because some of you were not there, and then it is always interesting to consider how then compares to now.  I sense my interest in weave has evolved into something more conceptual.  I think simply revisiting my old thoughts and work, and then simply engaging, just weaving, however it happens will help me dig out this sense of something that has been urging me on.

The Loom is a broadening concept.  A way to weave.  And ultimately the way to weave it all together.  The story.  So let me slow down and let that happen. Loom, yes, something is brewing.

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  1. Susan Crowley

    Every time I receive a purchase from Threadcrumbs I feel like I have won the lottery of life. Thank you so much for making me so happy. I pore over your stitches and hope I can learn something. Heaven. 🥰❤️💕

  2. This post has set me on a familiar trail this morning, jude … familiar (altho it feels far away) yet one I diverged from a long time ago, but would like to walk some more. I just found a photo in the way-back files from *2010*, one of my first cloth weavings, a turning technique I learned from you and is still one of my favorites. I’ll post it to IG shortly after I walk a bit more down a memory lane called WEAVE lol.

  3. Glennis

    i’ve been out of it all this past week and only now feeling a wee bit better. I caught up with your posts today and wanted to comment here. during a couple of cogent moments, I read about the Huldremose Woman whose body and clothing were found in a peat bog in the late 1800’s. The amazing thing seems that the skirt she wore was a woolen plaid skirt woven over 2000 years ago. I really questioned it as it seemed too fine a weaving for that long ago…but apparently not. I still can’t wrap my mind around it.

  4. sharon

    one of my fave looms is a metal room divider from a thrift store. created my own heddles ‘n shuttles. haven’t woven on a tree branch yet, but eager to try!

  5. Carrie

    Thank you Jude for forging a new weaving adventure and taking us along with you! I feel a wave of excitement rising… fresh inspiration and creativity. The perfect compliment to spring energy!

  6. A journey and an adventure. Different weaving mechanisms; different ways to describe the same thing, only it isn’t the same anymore. That makes it almost impossible to do the same thing twice.

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