jude hill spirit cloth

mid storm

I wake up.

I pee. I feed Soul-o.  He pees.  The power goes back on.

I look outside, about 2" and snowing. A lot.

I make oatmeal and tea.

a little light

I notice the tiny solar lights I placed in the clay lantern is still glowing and there was no sunshine yesterday.

The sun comes up even though I cannot see it.

Sanity for so many reasons

I eat the oatmeal.  I don't feel like tea, so I save it for later and make coffee for a change.

It is still snowing.  A lot.

I look through from the back of the whiteish cabin from yesterday.  Hold it up to the skylight, ask myself why this is the back?   I think about sanity as something more inside out.

I play with the photo, erasing the background, but then leaving the top part.  I like how it combines, life, cloth and a sense of drawing.

Flickering.  I post all of this.  Before the power goes out again.

It is still snowing a lot.


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  1. Judith

    Rain, 40mph wind, big branch falling from tree. Scooter and I cuddle up together in bed and can’t think of one good reason to get up. A designated lazy day.

  2. Belinda Toby

    Twinkling fairy house.🌟
    We here in Maine are awaiting our part of the storm. All stocked up on essentials, pretzels, chips and ice cream!🤗

  3. Maja Stone

    Your morning routine sounds so much like mine – down to the oatmeal – that I had to laugh. Mornings are special to me – watching the light gradually get brighter, listening to the birds, walking my dog in the back yard. I sometimes wish dawn could last all day!

  4. Marilyn

    we are all like the sun which never stops shining ever., It just gets obscured with the pollution and other stuff in the air. Our souls are always shining brightly, it is jut the fear, lack of love, greed, envy,j judgements etc. that cover up our light , we remove those things and there we are , just glowing. Something you said triggered these thoughts. Thank you again for your lovely posts

  5. Corinne

    Yes, oatmeal and tea and Ginger, our cat, loves the rose in a bowl of water. Jane Austen said and I agree, “There’s no place like home for comfort.” ..waiting for the rain to change to snow. Nesting. . .

  6. sharon

    the comfort of cozy routine. piece in the eye of the storm. the warmth of fairy lights merrily shining on. the glow of light thru patchwork. imagining a cloth lantern…

  7. Jen

    Ah! I saw those little lights and thot they were a reflection of some kind!
    How magical they are still twinkling for you and Soul-O…
    Love this very literal diary entry 😅
    I just love the reverse of the work, don’t you!? 🤍
    Stay warm!

  8. I love this square…

    All the cats are napping again after our morning routine. The first cup was coffee but the second one is going to be tea. 🙂 Oatmeal sounds good.

  9. Susan Hemann

    your lantern is holding the light for you

    we got a lot of snow here too, but we do have power

    I’m glad you have a fireplace to keep warm

  10. Nancy D

    Your little piece in the center reminds me of a tiny bird’s nest. Enjoy the warmth of your own nest this morning, Jude…

  11. Vi

    I enjoy your morning story with its surrounding sense of quietness as i have my afternoon coffee with a summer breeze blowing.
    Love your picture.

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