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Expecting Snow


A question.

There was a question...

And now a response:

a kind of sanity

I was going to make a video but now they are predicting 4-12" of snow and very high wind and I need to get to the post office and the market and I am sure everyone else has the same idea... so maybe later.

Every bit of this one is important for me.


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  1. Kristin F

    One of my most favorite ways to play with fabric and stitch is to limit my pallet to whites…there is so much variety available in that limited source.. and it is actually very broad in spectrum possibilities. I super love this beginning exploration of yours. May your snow be a manageable amount and not last too long.

  2. Jen

    yesterday I mowed the lawn in my shirt sleeves…this morning I’m huddled over a mug of hot tea, with fuzzy socks on.
    (rolling my eyes)
    The world is green but the chilly temps are back…stay warm and snug, Jude!
    love the white cabin!
    (there’s just something magical about white cloth, isn’t there?)

  3. Jana Jopson

    Snow…and a little cabin surrounded by a cabin of snowy shades. Black stitching is delicate. Like bird tracks in snow.

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