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Dot Diary continued

Today's dot

is a breakthrough.behind the bedroom door, the doorknob has broken through the sheetrock.

This has inspired something in me. For now, it remains nameless.  And I am wordless.

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  2. Inspiration is everywhere…if we stay observant and witness. Even if nothing happens this was Inspiration at it’s finest.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. sharon

    a portal. going back in time to when the house was constructed. like seeing the other side of cloth work. it holds the story…

  4. Best story ever…we had that happen in our house when the kids were young. One day when BFF’s boy was waiting by the door for his mom to round up his sisters, he turned his head and noticed the door handle hole. In great delight, his little preschool face lighting up, he said “He we have one of those!!!”
    I still smile when I remember this moment. 🙂

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