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Bigger than I can say.  Still, sometimes skipped over.

And then, sprinkled though many cloth making adventures.

It becomes harder and harder for me to find it all.

I added it here.  Using  a version of the methods shown here.  Basically like a hair extension in a way...

Here I wanted the fringe to extend the standing of the figure. Maybe a bit strange?  But yes, I think it illustrates my point, like the roots of going.


Beyond the boundaries of this chapter of the story.

I also added a snow globe. It snowed but it is all gone and the birds are singing.

a Heart's Season


This extension method can be used in many ways to add fringe to any portion of the piece.

I have been trying to collect some older unlisted videos that show examples.

But my time on the computer has been purposely limited, so that I might move more.


And then I found this video discussing fringe..

From Magic Diaries, way way back, I felt nostalgia.

I will put all the fringe videos in the Glossary as I run across them.

As I think about it today, there should be fringe in all my stories. In one way or another.

just a moon, no link.As a reminder, you will see the moon thingie sprinkled around here and there, sometimes linked to password protected content, I am getting to it, opening things up, it takes time.

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  1. Maria-Conchita

    Hi friends 🥰 and Jude..
    THANKS FOR EVERY THING..🙏 I do learn new ways to listen to all you say, how you say it…blessings to you, all the friends .and myself🙏💥

    • carroleb

      love some fringe or ragged edges. The videos are wonderful, I particularly liked the idea of the shadow fringe.

      I saw a stunning photography exhibition yesterday in which the artist, a native woman had used a stitched red line and fringe through all the photos to represent connectedness, history and lineage. Haunting and simple.

  2. Debra A Price Agrums Sposa

    Everytime I see this story cloth it just keeps getting more and more beautiful. So full of texture. Love !

  3. Marti

    Roots, dangling threads, fringe…I recently read a remarkable book, Dr. Sharon Blackie’s, If Women Rose Rooted. During my reading, so many thoughts and emotions ran through me for although this book centers on women, their myths, their need to assert themselves, the landscape is Celtic, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, especially for me, is a touchstone, my heart’s landscape.
    Before I had finished the last page of the book, I had stitched made three cloths, using many of my foraged dyed cloth scraps. In holding to the need to rise and feel rooted, the first cloth had 3 different colored dangling roots consisting of 6 strands of floss, placed in different places. The 2nd cloth had a long 6 floss strand “root”, dangling in the center and the last cloth, a much smaller one, a cloth repurposed that had sat outside on my little iron trellis, facing the sun, winds, rain and snow of New Mexico, also had a thread “root’ but this one was smaller and looped at the top.. Nothing that I have made on cloth has ever been done so quickly but the need to “root” myself in this story was so compelling. The dangling threads, fringe, “roots” are a vital part of these cloth stories.

    • Jana

      Marti, I love how a book sparked your lineage roots and manifested in “rooted” stitch work! Thanks for sharing that inspiration (and the book—this is the second recommendation I’ve been given about it).

      • Marti

        Jana, thank you for your good words. My lineage is not Irish, my parents came to America from Spain and I am first generation but I have never felt the pull toward Spain that I do toward Ireland. Have never traveled to Spain but in 2006, I was able to travel to Ireland and the pull in my imagination became a reality. Walking the green hills of Ireland, this land of mist and myth, the river trails, the bog land, and and the ancient places, felt like coming home….

  4. Bogi

    It took you into a more magical direction, I LOVE it so much how it turned out! Roots, yes we all need that more these day, to be more grounded and connected!
    If you ever want to apart from this beauty I’ll be happy to gave her a home❤️

  5. sharon

    the continuing is captured so beautifully in your videos. that memorable music of magic diaries… definitely a carpet ride. can never say thank u enough for all taking all of us ragmates along on this amaaaaaaaaazing spirit adventure. hey, ho!

  6. Nancy

    Thinking. I did nothing with my recent ‘fringe’ – no twining, no braiding…just hanging loose. Loose fringe. I will continue to consider…

  7. Jana

    As a newcomer, I am in awe of the “roots of going” that twine through the comments among all the old friends here. I bow and feel tender toward all these loving exchanges. Glad to have stopped by today.

  8. June-Etta Chenard

    Yes, so much has changed in some ways, and in others, nothing has changed. It was a joy to watch the fringe videos, and revisit Magic Diaries. Yup, here we are, unravelling, all in good order, like the rest of creation. I think it was David Whyte who said, “I am appreciating myself to the rhythms of my own disappearance.” I feel so lucky to have lived so long, into my 80s. Thanks again, Jude, for all the wisdom and beauty.

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