jude hill spirit cloth

Not quite Spring

It snowed way more than expected.

the twin windchimes

Miss Dove

a new frame of mind

We had nowhere to go.

So we just watched and I stitched a few 2" squares. I feel a new Frame of Mind forming.

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  1. Janice

    Oh Jude, these photos just look like a fairy tale scene, (coming from someone who doesn’t see snow). The bird seems magical surrounded by white snow and bare trees, like the only living thing in a pristine environment.
    I don’t comment usually, however I do read and learn. I love your work and photos. These photos immediately connected with me in a way that I needed to respond.
    Thank you for all of your sharing.

    • jude

      it surely was a magical morning. we are so humbled by nature, and the nature of how things happen. thank you for coming by to say.

  2. Judith

    Beautiful beautiful snow. The last snow we had was almost 30 years ago and then it was just an inch or so. Nothing so magnificent as yours for sure.
    I’m intrigued by your framing. I never thought of starting with a frame.

    • jude

      I think, in concept, we often do, that being our perspective, but to bring that into a more obvious focus can be interesting.

  3. kirsten

    i miss snow during the winter especially those where you know you have nowhere to go. this morning i realized that here in kansas this year we had one snow this year (less than 1 inch) unlike the ones when growing up. snow is important to growing things.

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