jude hill spirit cloth

Nothing Needed

sunrise March 16th 2023 Putnam Valley NY

No filter.

Except me.

And then for no reason, except to see...

time for seeds

Grow is on the table. There are 2 red rings.  Suddenly, I began to imagine their basket function. Maybe as seed collectors.  And it is the year of the dot. ring of seeds

The bowl with the eyes...

thank you A beautiful gift. Thank you.

It will be part of my first table-setting.


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  1. Susan Crowley

    That heavy, little cat butt. He is so relaxed and HERE. A presence to be reckoned with. You have taught me so much. Many, many thanks. I am happy to have found my niche. Like Soul-O. I am grateful!

    • Jude

      It is always nice to know that there is something useful gained through this process of sharing. I am thinking a lot about teaching, probably I will end up talking about it when the thoughts take form.

  2. Nancy

    Grow is a ‘just right cloth’…it is always just right, at each stage. I do agree with less is more on this one. Seeds need room to grow. xo

  3. sharon

    really love how some thing that only previously existed in our imagination can be brought into this realm. so now i’m imagining all of us ragmates seated around your table, experiencing “grow”… (as y’say, some times just to think a thing is enough!)

  4. Vi

    I imagine easier and trust it so much more now…thanks for that.
    Soul-o….so peaceful at the edge of Grow…
    Really looking forward to the seeds happening.

  5. Jen

    I decided to work on a small “grow(th)” cloth this morning. Something calming in that.
    I find myself wanting to add seeds to everything! & If it will warm up outside later, I will go out and add seeds to the garden! 💚
    That eye dish is amazing 🤩

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