jude hill spirit cloth

Life goes on

Every time.

One way or another.

For all of us...

There was some big wind.  Now there is a lot of kindling.


And I am part Irish.  I wonder what part?... I asked myself.

I think it is the party part.


a sense of spring took over...



  1. Judith

    Cute little beastie with ears blowing in the wind. My daughter bought me an Irish title for my birthday so I am officially Lady Judith of Kerry.

  2. Susan Crowley

    When Irish eyes are smiling … Sure ’tis like the morn in spring! Wishing everyone a joyous spring day today!

  3. Marti

    An Irish blessing for you on this day of the wearing of the green:
    “May the roof over your head, never fall in,
    And may the friends, gathered below it, never fall out.”

    I woke up to snow this morning when I was so wanting to sow some seeds into the ground and it reminded me of an Irish curse that always made me laugh:
    “May you melt off the earth,
    like snow off the ditch!”

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