jude hill spirit cloth

Wild Things

The first thing I see in the morning is the sky.

Even though the window is small.

storybook sky

same table, different place, different time, different blog

The sorting continues and it is just amazing how many things are still here, forgotten. But then not really.

Because they do continue, like a form born in a dream.

Dream catching is very tricky.

floating things, I stitched something like this on a little shirt for my son when he was born.

many intersecting basket senses

Sometimes I like the card form just because it stands.  As a display form.

I am not sure who might expect a card like this.

I slept well,  but woke suddenly.  I sensed some sort of disturbance, but I cannot remember.

This year, scraps of self have become paper and cloth and they are somehow, now, more obviously, in the same basket.

It might be close to 60 degrees today.


  1. sharon

    have u ever made a coiled basket, jude? this card inspires me to have a go at it. a card like this would look amazing just sitting on a table or a shelf, or framed on a wall. the person who received it could write their own message inside!

  2. Jana

    Morning sky view … and, as always, a smattering of heart shares and images that stir the imagination and uplift the heart. Gifts galore.

  3. Maja Stone

    I’m like a bird – the first bit of light and I am awake. so in winter I sleep later than in summer. I have a cozy corner where I eat my breakfast and watch the light change from indigo to sea blue and finally a pale blue/grey. The light through the bare tree branches turns them into black lace. To me, morning is a magical time!

  4. Nancy

    I had a small, high rectangular window in my teenaged bedroom…that slice of sky was a good friend to me.
    Love this card, love all of them really.

  5. and women with threads are menders. scraps are like fragments of thought flickering ( burning or shining unsteadily; wavering. ) in my mind. hard to pin down so i often attempt on paper and with cloth.
    sky watching is often and refreshing and essential to my health.

      • i love to make cards for birthdays especially. i use bits and scraps and photos and images of my work for collages that sounds a bell. helps me get up in the morning with gusto. and with a cuppa coffee and images swirling in my mind , i recall moments shared with that person i am making 4 “by 6 ” piece for. running out of John Lennon Imagine stamps!!

  6. SallyJoy

    Woke before sun was up to 6” of snow in SW Texas! A glorious winter wonderland and two, rare for us, Acorn woodpeckers on my deck, my heart is happy. Simple pleasures.

  7. I’m usually awake well before there is any light in the sky, but I keep the blinds open on my side of the bed so the moonlight can visit … then I go in the kitchen for breakfast and blog reading while watching the sun rise

    I confess to having a bad habit of buying note cards that I like so much that it’s hard to let them go … even knowing how much they will be appreciated …

    and how wonderful that those stippled orbs can exist simultaneously here and in real life

    • jude

      It is only recently I am sleeping until sunrise, but i am not complaining.
      I wonder what the inside of this card might say.

      I realize a lot of the old drawings, at least parts of them became cloth things.

  8. Sharan

    A sky is a thing of wonder to see first thing in the morning … “scraps of self” – what a perfect, meaningful way to speak of what one creates and offers me fodder for pondering today, and most likely days to come.

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