jude hill spirit cloth

z is for…

And Zoom... is there such a thing as slow zooming?

Z.  Zebra, ZigZag  , Zzzzz.

Alphabet Soup will be ready to travel to its new home by year's end.  In whatever form it has taken by then. I am not exactly Zooming along, no, I am just going.  Rather randomly as I bump into this and that.  Honestly, it would hold together as it is now.  And probably I could work on it anytime, even after I give it away.

I am thinking of creating the ZigZag in the Double Running Stitch.  It is raining today so maybe today.

It is very November, a cold November rain.  Feels about right though.  And that is comforting.  I love the warmth of the rust colored leaves  when everything else turns grey. We have taken note that there are absolutely no deer here this season.  No idea why.

With all the sudden cold we experienced last week,  the blue clay bowls that serve water for the birds, well I forgot them and they froze and broke.  My dad's blue bowls that he brought back from New Mexico... I was sad but I can mend them.  And they will be useful again.


  1. Hmm… none of your posts are showing up on the page I have bookmarked. I finally decided to go back to your home page and then to blog and found you have been posting. So catching up… I am trying to get all my experiments cleaned up on the porch. We are going to freeze again, snow in the forecast for next week.

  2. Jeri Bellini

    I enjoyed clicking on your dotted lines (double running stitch) and seeing a video. Is that what you now call the magic stitch?

    Looks like the bowls broke with clean lines and will be easy to mend. I look forward to seeing how they look after you mend them.

  3. Susan Crowley

    Wabi-sabi. Beautifully flawed but somehow better. The Japanese tradition is to glue the bolts back to gather with golden glaze to accentuate and honor the broken parts. I love that. I’m sure it hurt to see them broken but they will become better than ever.

  4. Nancy

    Yes, the stitching can continue! I thought of that as well as you’ve been working on it…because you ‘continue’ so well! I can imagine you over visiting, mini thread nest in tow, meeting & getting to know this newest family member…perhaps inspired to add something new…perhaps down the line, this little will ask for something to be added – a collaboration! And the mending of your father’s finds…Lynda’s link reminded me that I can mend the years now, broken off foot on that woman, who became a self-sculpture so long ago. Aren’t we all broken and mended in some way? Big love to you. xo

  5. Beth from Still Life Pond

    We mended a big ceramic bird bath bowl with epoxy (the kind where you mix two substances together.) I had my doubts, but so far it’s held for two more seasons.

  6. deemallon

    I read “meander” and thought, that’s about right, especially with reference to zig zag. I really
    Love the idea of your gifting the quilt and then continuing to stitch on it after it has a new home.

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