jude hill spirit cloth

I slept through

Maybe the puzzle piece was knowing that waking might be useful. Not fighting it.  Conflict is disruptive.

good morning

Not the ears of Soul-o, the wings of some plastic creature I found in the ground at the old place. Winter's sky is forming.

a new habit

Baskets of scraps , now piles of paper...

how many moons will I see?




  1. Yes, that’s how I look at it. Not to fight it. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when to just get up or when I will be able to go back to sleep. Sometimes it’s just pulling the blanket over my head to hide from Gibson. 🙂

    • jude

      I had thought about it. I don’t ant to make prints tho, I like them as one of a kind. but then maybe the idea will evolve. The illustration thing is so close to my old heart, I never really got to far on my journey.

  2. sharon

    “upon waking, he wondered, ‘am i a man dreaming i am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming i am a man?…’ ” often my awake time feels like a beautiful dream (usually when i’m reading your posts, jude!) sooooooo thankful for u!

  3. Vi

    Yes..no point fighting it.
    Once I get over being cheesed off.:).i quite enjoy the time awake,when I don’t think of all the what’s what and just meander in the Now.

  4. Nancy D

    Good morning, Jude. I have learned that, when I awaken in the night, wrestling with thoughts—the thoughts winning—I relinquish with reading something light, or with prayer for others.

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