jude hill spirit cloth

Here comes the sun

sometimes he seems to say, protect me

Good Morning.

Suddenly, or so it seems, a lot of anguish has fallen away.  I am here, daily, sharing what moves through me.  Just to do that.  Feeling less obligated on other social media. Not feeling manipulated by news and politics. Mostly focused on being a good person and trying to find the same in others, doing my best to work with what I have.

Feeling mighty lucky in the scheme of things.

Lots of firewood ready.  And now warmer days.

A quilt in my lap which will be a gift.  Like circling around to where I began with clothmaking.

The technology glitches have settled for now.  I feel space to go.

No gathering is planned this year.  Just a healthy meal and some walking in the forest, a lot of walking.

and here comes the moon...



new post in the Zone

And then...

And working on Paper.

When I cannot sleep.  Trying not to think about it that way.

Trying to ask myself if I need to be awake for some reason.

It's like any puzzle.  Where are the pieces?  And then finding out, a lot of the time, I need to make them.

After all I made the puzzle.

the poetry of process


  1. Corinne

    Thankful Jude, for the space you have created here and thanks to all the ragmates who make this sharing circle a wonderful place to be in.

  2. about the sleep thing, I’ve read, a couple of times now, studies that suggest maybe it was normal for humans to sleep in four-hour blocks of time. to wake in the middle of the night and visit or eat, etc, and then go back for another block of sleep. it makes sense to me and works if I go to bed early, get up, or meditate in bed for a while, and then return to sleep. believe it or not, we are evolving And reclaiming some ancient instincts as well.

  3. Deb VZ

    You have created a space that provides a peaceful oasis for so many…I’m so glad you are finding that for yourself as well. Thank you for being here and sharing your self, thoughts and work with all of us.

  4. Jana Jopson

    Healthy food. Mighty lucky. Walking in the woods. Falling away. Quilt in lap.

    Oh, happy days! Thankful for YOU, puzzle piece maker, on the earth, now! Much 💚!

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