jude hill spirit cloth

How it might happen

windblown carpets

First look this morning,  the porch, looks like the wind really kicked up last night.  Feeling happy that I managed to sleep deep enough not to notice.

I love corners

I set up a warm convenient corner for nighttime paper work, because mostly I don't sleep through.

Naturally, one thought follows another...

Look up the history of Zzzzz, quite a story


  1. Nancy

    Your Magic Carpets look as if they had just quickly flew back in, trying to beat the rising sun, giving away their secrets. I love your corner and your drawing table! I want to sit and have you tell me the stories of the precious few treasures kept in there. I looked at that happy square on the quilt and wondered if it holds any of your bird fabric? Sleep has become a real nightmare lately, pun intended 😁

  2. Judy

    Ah yes, the sleep problem. Apparently having warm feet is important. My current strategy is to focus on my breath and if that fails, a podcast book review might work or an audio book set to last a determined amount of time. But often nothing works so I stroke my bed buddy cat who loves to sleep under the covers or on top on my legs. I adore that little poem about the hand! It’s wonderful.

  3. Jen

    I try to quiet the late-night “monkey mind” by building fantastical gardens in my head to lull myself to sleep.
    Sometimes it works!
    (but sometimes, I REALLY want to build them….more plants! More digging! Sorry, hubby! HA!)

  4. Peggy McG

    Elusive sleep, I used to get up and Iron. Now I play word games on my phone til the phone drops out of my hand. I thought of stitching, but would be dangerous!

  5. Jeri Bellini

    Oh what a cozy corner! I do enjoy seeing where you work.
    I hate nights like that, I call it looping. My brain just keeps playing the same thing over and over and over. It happens when I have too much stimulation or sugar late in the day. Typically I don’t eat sugar so I guess it revs me up.

  6. Juliann

    I feel so tired, I think I can fall asleep standing up. Unfortunately I have had insomnia my whole life. As soon as my body is relaxed in a horizontal position, my mind wanders around in all the dark corners. She dusts off all kinds of things and shows me what I’ve missed. What a tidy person my mind is. I flop around on the bed, but she is persistent. Sigh!

  7. Finally it is raining here. Really stormy rain, typical November weather.

    I want to get a better light for somewhere else in the room besides the one by my bed for those nights…

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