jude hill spirit cloth

I met U

alphabet soup in late November

On the path around, I found U

And here I am, we are.

I kept going to complete the quilting all around the edge.

I met up with U. And Unicorn.  I did a bit of quilting on U while I was there.

You can see, here at the bottom there are lots of empty spaces. And I have left spaces in the corners as well.

And that is not O , it is an unfinished Q.

Some of these fabrics are hard to stitch through, especially the ones in the dividers,  but back then, that is just what I had and  I had just begun to learn about thin cloth.

Someone asked if this quilt is for a boy or a girl,  because there is a lot of pink.  I thought about that.   I did not think about that at all when I began it or now as I try to finish it.  It is a blanket then, we all need to keep warm.

I would like Q to be for Quest, which might be a challenge to explain.

Maybe Quilt.

18 degrees.

Is he wishing for warmer days? Probably just looking.


  1. I can imagine a child someday questing … trying to match one bit of cloth with another of the same print or color … but Q is for Quilt seems such a perfect match for your way of going … perhaps a tiny sanity quilt, because who couldn’t use one of those?

  2. Et pourquoi pas ‘Quiet’ ? parce que cette courtepointe est un peu faite pour ça , non !?
    et je regrette que la couleur rose soit attribué anormalement aux filles, car 1 de mes petits garçons demande toujours un peu de rose sur les pulls que je lui tricote…
    et je me souviens de ma grand-mère qui teignait ses laines détricotées pour les ‘rafraichir’ , en faisait toujours un peu en rose pour faire quelques rayures sur les pulls de mon grand-père : c’étaient des sourires, disait-il 😉
    Merci Jude pour tes belles choses et réflexions <3

  3. Corinne

    I love the quilt and I love Soul-O, his beautiful furry silhouette. Soul-O and my cat spend lovely hours “just looking”. I do too now. Especially at the tree tops against the sky. So delicate and yet so strong.

  4. Caro

    Interesting to read, i thought the whole time how beautiful you managed to have all colors on this blanket.
    I really like how the warm caramel works with all the different colors. It says comfort and safety to me.

  5. Quest- paths, searching, journeys… wonderful thoughts to wish for a new soul. Blue’s first (and his favorite) baby blanket was “Rosie”- white with a print of little pinkish red rose buds.

  6. Laura

    My kindergarten son had a favorite t-shirt that was a soft neon pink.
    My favorite aunt and uncle, professors, gave my infant daughter a beautiful blue blanket.
    Now days, gender-neutral seems to mean gray, beige, and dulled-down colors. Skirting around the fear of the feminine, me thinks. Hahaha!
    Colors are my favorite. You make ‘coloring’ seem simple, but it’s not. This is a beautiful comforter.

  7. Jana

    Gazing out on the world like a little guru. Plump and calm. So grateful for pets. Thankful for each comment that appears here as well as the posts … love all the words, all the stitches, all the cloths.

  8. I used sheets for one of my first quilts, Mom too on one that she made for me that I have needed to mend. Makes such a difference. Quest is a wonderful world choice. Blue or pink…such a hot button topic in my world. 🙂 Love and warmth is what matters. Still cold here this morning, but not that cold!

    • jude

      cloth has it’s own nature, like people.
      I think an all gender blanket is the best bet.
      It’s really cold here, Wind makes it colder, at least te 7 feet of snow is way north. I like snow but….

  9. Jen

    Quintessential and quite lovely, this Unfinished Q and all of the Quilt…Pink, who cares for Boy or Girl, Baby!! 💕💙
    Pink is a Color for Love and Calm.
    Perfect for a Covering, dontcha think?
    Cold here, Also…
    Y is for Yeesh.
    And, Quest….
    Perhaps a Knight on a Horse…or a Walking Wanderer…
    I Love Faerie Tales, don’t You? 🤩
    ( I’m also Stitching Letters, so I’m getting a little Crazy…Ha hA!
    Kisses! 😘

  10. deemallon

    The quilting is lovely! I have older pieces with tough fabrics too and sometimes (because of how I work), three or four layers. Don’t love stitching through them anymore.

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