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Managing the Thin-ness

The change of season has revealed the small basket feeder I hung on the fence in early spring.  I forgot it was there.  The summer growth had woven another basket around it.  It became a nest.  It's the time of year for seeing through.

I see myself in the tangle

I remind myself that design is a kind of mending.

Mother Ring,  I am old cloth

This cloth, The Mother-Ring, is so thin, unstable, worn, stained, reworked, holding but useful maybe only for looking.   I made some changes.  Folded the edge in to hug it, loosely,  wove into a corner,  stitched a lot of little stitches.  Reversed the openness of the Moon, making the sense of time more expansive..

It feels a bit like letting go and holding at the same time.

Today I am the thinness.


  1. Joyce L

    I love weaving the cucumber vines through the web to get them to grow up and off the ground… next year we are planning a large garden arch to grow something viney on. Will be a garden adventure… like every year!

    I once wove a sphere – some of the vines were ivy with leaves still attached and I wished they would stay but eventually they dried and fell off. Still I like the idea.

  2. Laura

    The useful strength of the small basket to facilitate growth, and the absolute beauty of a cloth foundation that has, perhaps, given its usefulness except to our senses.
    Beautiful images of real and imagined, Jude.

  3. Vi

    “useful maybe only for looking…” You say.
    That is such a precious usefulness which can so often be overlooked and lost in the midst of all the busyness- of -things.

  4. Helen Lee

    The story in the thinness…
    So beautiful.
    Our hearts leapt at the sight of the crescent moon this evening…a mirror image of yours here, as she waxes.

  5. Corinne

    I love this quilt. It speaks of November, the woods, the silver moon in the sky, the thinness and fading of the light and leaves, of letting go and yes, still holding together with many loving threads. Thank you.

  6. Glennis

    appreciate the thinness that is life these days. the transparency of it. the passage through it…
    thin cloth is my favorite kind. your’s is special…

  7. Nancy

    The thinness…the ‘old cloth’ and the fine quality of this all being okay, even a good place to be. I have a friend who Really, Really does not want to age. I find that thought hard to relate to. The found basket, like my found CMB of yesterday…becoming so embedded in their environments, which takes time. A lesson there for sure (thinking of how when each of us moved to new spaces and the time that took). Enjoy the walk of a long view.

    • Amy

      Nancy, I so relate to what you’re saying. The aging….every day now it blows me away to look back on things that have happened in my life and see how they all comes together into this moment, and the seeing of that is so beautiful. It seems that to deny aging is in some sense to deny where you are and where you’ve been. I find it all quite exhilarating.

  8. jeri

    I have a few favorites of yours and this one is right up there. I just love the look of old worn cloth and all the sketched points with some ink still showing. It is amazing when you enlarge it and can see all the fraying and detail work.

    • jude

      I thought this one would be something else but it has become very much about the nature of cloth and stitch. And I think I am done and then I just keep going…

  9. at the bottom of the nest photograph…how the one still green leaf
    holds hands with the not so much one

    this is the kind of photograph that makes me want to
    it…care full y in complete detail…layering the graphite leaving
    negative space
    i breath this in is a real gift. Thank You

    • jude

      I really became engaged in this one too. I just love it, the tangle of change. I think that green leaf is the malabar. some berries still hanging there, I wonder if it will reseed.

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