jude hill spirit cloth

just imagining


imagining it real

Imagine.  That's what we do.

I don't  think we can't help it.  Maybe we just decide to act on it or not. Share it or not.


  1. Jan Stevenson

    I love your double negative. “I don’t think we can’t help it.” It’s like catching ourselves in a worry pattern, but for so many it seems they channel (the imaginative energy) into dystopian or zombie apocalypse stories and if the authors have a following those stories grow into accepted “entertainment.” I do feel that as creatives, women, mothers and lovers, our greatest power is to know when it is just the wrong time to suggest or illuminate worst possible scenarios. Your images today give sacred structure to thought as well as the reality of place. People need a break from the heavy-duty sorting of what is not real from what Is real. “We decide to act on it or not. Share it or not.”

    • jude

      It is all very difficult for me to judge.
      But following/money can change a lot of minds. Perhaps creating the zombie apocalypse itself.

      • Jan Stevenson

        I think so. Some people I know talk like the apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, is something that could happen, and listening to them I feel they are zombies themselves. My reply is usually that I thought it was already here. Perhaps knowing past from present and taking care with the future?

  2. This reminds of my morning drive. Grayish clouds, edging in pink, so dimensional, opening…behind them, blue sky with small Magritte-like floating by…Wonderful!
    Your world here is a beauty!

  3. Joyce

    wow – this is a striking image yet has such familiarity to it! I tend to shy away from technology as well… too frustrating at times. But I do use it as a tool occasionally and maybe someday will play like this!

  4. Bee

    New paths sometimes beckon and sometimes not…my difficulty lies usually when the path beckons beyond the mountain of responsibilities…..
    I yearn to be an explorer.

    Thank you for sharing this this morning Jude.

    • jude

      I think I have realized over the years that they mimic the way we think. Layers. I really don’t use them much except on a very simple level. One thing over another, just to see. I like them as a visualizing tool only and not as a final product. Mostly any photo app will allow you to lay one photo over another and adjust the transparency so you can see through one to another. You can try, it’s only fun.

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