jude hill spirit cloth

who knew? who knows?

Considering by making a connection

This isn't advice, it is just what came to mind while testing the writing over the picture thing, changing colors so the letters were still visible.

It worked.


I am settling down

like the season.

Looks like snow coming?  It really is about time for this endless summer  to come to a close.  I just sense the change will seem sudden. More sudden that I am used to.

I added a thread line by splitting hairs,  the same method I used here.

Some folks asked how I did that.  Alternating black and white.  It's magic. It vibrates if you keep going. But it can take a while.

from 2017

It's time to get back to Alphabet Soup.


    • jude

      Not sure what is confusing, draw the basic lines you want for the hair and then stitch over them with a single strand of black, then come back and stitch right next to it in white and then keep going as many times as you want so you get alternating lines of black and white for the design. The picture shows how you might begin.

  1. Beth from Still Life Pond

    It happened here and was a big shock. Thursday near record high of 78 and Saturday 2 inches of snow, the high didn’t get above freezing. Wearing a wool hat and shawl in the house as we adjust to sudden November.

  2. Marti

    Threads creating a path to our hearts…this morning, it is cold and after going out to greet the day, temps around 27, and no temp in the evenings, this coming week, rising above 29, It is cold…On my way back in, I gave a little hug to my baby Colorado blue spruce tree, As I made my way to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, I realized: that this tree holds deep story to me, especially at this time of the year but it has become too large to bring indoors next month; not that it is that tall but it has been re-potted into a larger pot that is simply too heavy to bring in… how do I honor the coming celebratory season if I have no tree indoors… but then I don’t need a tree indoors because this tree can be celebrated right where it is;

    I will bedeck it with threads, strips of my dyed cloths, tied simply on the little branches, not in bows, but left to dangle so they can dance in the wind. I will add a few favorite pine cones, collected from many years, in the many places that we have lived, some dried red Chiles because this is New Mexico and I will add dried orange slices, something I make every year to acknowledge the coming of the light of Winter Solstice.

    The tree sits in the corner of my apartment building where those who live upstairs and those who live n4xt to me, see it and pass by it every day.

    Threads of good will, of connection, of honoring the coming of the light, the Winter Solstice/Christmas, JOY in the simple and to me, that is the essence of this coming celebratory season.

  3. 31 in Texas … go figure … fingers crossed the covers that Don put on the tomatoes and basil were enough to protect them

    I’ve long been a big fan of splitting hairs, the finer the better (silk/cotton split into four strands is so great for lettering) … but I can’t think of when I might have put different colored rows together, which seems strange … in any case, I have some applique moons that need to be edged, so I think I’ll (finally) give it a go …

    and I must say I’m grinning at those wild hairs extending out from the raw edges of the cloth!

    • jude

      That thread is seared into my mind, I see it superimposed on everything I look at today.
      It was supposed to dip last night but still floating above normal here. Lots of rain.

  4. Jen

    Poetry on cloth.
    Change in season is here also, windy and cold but the sun rises, and I am grateful.
    Grateful for your sharing as well.
    Thank you, Jude 💙

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