jude hill spirit cloth


there is a calm in distance

Last night.  Before a freeze.  Probably not, I thought.  And it did.

I miss the sea and the boy

This morning, still in bed. My old spinning wheel.  Backdropped by photo by son. I mostly use a drop spindle.  It has been a while.

cloth as world

Looking up at the cloth hanging on the wall above me, a new perspective of the unfinished.

winter greens

This morning, checking the cold frame.  After speaking with my boy.  Who seems really keen on helping me build a loom to weave carpets on.  After suddenly, in a dream,  realizing I'd better get on it if I want to do it.

real somehow

Yesterday, cobbling scrap in an unlikely color combination.  Then considering unlikely... which might simply be   new    .

digital doodles can get the thought out.

For fun because I will most likely stitch on Alphabet Soup today.



  1. sharon

    the overdyeing with simple resist shapes is dreamy. i think it’s exciting when we mess up, because it creates possibilities that weren’t there before. perhaps what we seek can only be found through a series of what we once perceived as “mistakes”. the boy’s outdoor loom will be a treat. can hardly wait!

    • jude

      I guess you saw part of a loose note there, I found it on the back of a piece of cardboard I almost used to start a fire. It says what if? That moment you mess up, what if it simply means the moment has passed, and it’s time to move on to the next one. Not sure when I wrote that.

  2. Jen

    “getting on with it”
    Yes, something I have to sometimes push myself to do, too many ideas to mull over…
    Dreamer 😅
    Love the thoughts here, the images…
    Weaver of Dreams, you are. 🌌🌠💖

  3. Suzy Hard

    I think we’ve all been the in one way oy another. 19 degrees here this am. 4 degrees predicted for Thanksgiving am. Yes. Wool! I’ve collected wool for years, now thought collecting. Reminiscent of child hood days sleeping under wool quilts at grannys so heavy you could barely move, but warm. Very nice posts.

  4. Anita

    There’s so much in this post, Jude. “Realizing I’d better get on it if I want to do it” – yes, that’s it exactly, isn’t it (for me, too!). And then “Considering unlikely… which might simply be new” – yes, again – that’s it exactly.

    • jude

      i Made a few flatweave kilim style carpets and one small pile carpet for a cat, ha! I simply cannot wait to get back to it. If I were younger I would consider sheep.

    • jude

      I found it years ago in a thrift shop. They gave it to me, not knowing what to do with it. Said it was a child’s wheel, but I have no idea. very small.

  5. Dee

    Carpets?! Wow! That’d be cool. I’m teaching myself gelli mono printing right now. It’s not going so well. When you wove before, did you ever make carpets?

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