jude hill spirit cloth

A Shift

cold sun


Twenty four degrees. What a change.  The birds were quite shocked when they came to drink this morning.

kept going into the wee hours...thread lover

Got some new Deb Thread, but I can't get to it.  Oh Soul-o.Gateway to a new post on the Zone


  1. Jeri

    I enjoyed seeing your drawings and love the wavy lines around the sun. Close up of the stitches please?
    Love that yellow plaid you’re wearing too!

  2. Ira Zillich

    …unpredictable like cats…the arthritis bit. and’ the (your) work of creativity is the work of bearing witness to the weaving’. reading this i forgot to note down the the author of thus words. love your work & meandering thinking .

  3. Nancy

    I was wondering which drawing would come to life!
    Love the Soul-o pic…a thread runs through it…how we are connected…threading a dream 🙂

  4. Still really cold here, we did have snow last Monday off & on all day but it didn’t stick. It’s beautiful but… That picture of Soul-o is adorable but it would terrify me at my house.

  5. Sarita

    Soul-o is so playful even sleeping! Think he reads your mind, knows you’d like to touch that yellow thread!!
    Weather has a way of reminding me of my physical body. Time of year I need to keep stiff joints moving & lubricated.

  6. Jen

    Ohhh Soul-O!
    Even he covets Deb’s threads!!! 💙

    We had rain and now warm and VERY Humid…but chill is to return tonight.
    My moods are as mercurial as the weather.
    I can’t settle…

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