jude hill spirit cloth

the unlikeliest of forms

the dream was the story


Suddenly, a Dreamscape.

That which might (hopefully) surprise me.

Seems not imagined really,  no apparent point of reference. No plan, no reason, no judgement.

Nothing to say.

Out of context.

Just going.


the lion cloth as home

Forms collide, context.

Still nothing to say.  Does saying imply importance? How much do we say that isn't shaped? Does saying interrupt form?


  1. I see wind this morning (gusting here)…and change. What we see is so dependent on where we are sometimes. To say it, to name it, is important to me. But so is accepting that there are other names, other perspectives. 🙂

  2. Your cloths are, or at least, can be, magic. When I first saw this little dreamscape, I thought it was lovely, but it didn’t penetrate the mental/emotional fog that the waning light of fall wraps me in. But today I am drawn in to it and it whispers to me wordlessly, fleetingly, like a dream. I love it (though I do miss the black beast in one of your what if drawings).
    For me, saying doesn’t interrupt form unless it is my own saying when it sometimes replaces form (ie talking about rather than doing). Or when it’s just noise distracting my attention Words are themselves, spoken or written, just another form–something many of your cloths use. Like that gorgeous Lion quilt, which is my my absolutely, number one, most favorite Jude Hill anything.

    • jude

      That cloth scrap in the lower right, where the beast was to be. an old chintz, hard to stitch through, and then I thought I might draw it only, but then I forgot, as if it just disappeared into the forest but I knew it had been there.
      my cloths form with words so they are often part of them. wordcloth maybe.
      The Lion Quilt is very special to me.

  3. JoAnn Sahs

    Oh my!… the new patch…..so beautiful….so different…yet still so Jude Hill…
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent….magic….you have added wonder and beauty to my world! and it”s “What the world needs now……….”

  4. Yes, generally speaking, saying does interrupt form; saying is a distraction from form. I see the form, I feel the form (internally) , and when the words are added I am pulled away from that experience into a mental chatter that can take me from a personal experience into an outsider narrative.

      • Dhyana

        Oh yes, it wasn’t clear what kind of words or sayings we were intended here. It’s a good little topic for a group of ‘in person’ artists. I’m fading away with the texting.

  5. sharon

    your stitches speak sooooo eloquently. will “dreamscape” appear in the glossary? something about faded cloth that’s impossibly lovely.

  6. Vi

    Oh! Oh! Oh!
    What to say , after seeing this!!
    Divine…breath taking, honestly! Like a beautiful, timeless tankha, with a central heart of quiet.
    To visit and re visit this piece..joyful!
    To be able to say without being shaped….thankyou.
    We listen:)

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