jude hill spirit cloth

Days are Colder

winter's light approaches


The Man here made a table with his (still beautiful) hands.  The tree guy had sliced off a few rounds of hickory from an old tree. "These pieces are ok", he had said.

Frosty mornings here, but still stuff lives.

wild strawberry

The cold was sudden.  A bit warmer today, but the chill, the feeling in my bones , now that I am older,  such a reminder of my own seasons.

I have been dreaming a lot.

There is nothing like deep dreaming for clearing your head.   I think that's what it is for.  All tangled up like a tumbleweed and then blown away by the wind. Space.


winter road

I still have this scarf.  It's Big.  A wool path.  I want to name it.  And then talk about it.  Continue.


  1. I dream a lot. A LOT. Wild, busy & more dreams and I often wake tired because I feel like I didn’t sleep!
    I love his lil table. Handmade is the best. My man has made several guitars, and I bet he would love his 20 year old hands back! Not “pretty” but pretty awesome foot rubs when I get ’em!! lol

  2. Marilee Reyes

    The Man’s hands may be beautiful, but the most important thing is they obviously work very well. I can make this call as I have arthritic thumbs and a middle finger that sometimes wants to bend backwards. The table is perfect. Makes me wonder where I can find a slice of tree trunk and some already perfect branches. Probably will have to settle for a trip to Home Depot for a length of chunky dowel.
    And that scarf. It’s like the Road to Damascus. How long is it?

  3. Brenda

    The table, the scarf… both so lovely and rustic. And everyone needs a wee table beside them as they do handwork. Made by his still beautiful hands. Love that.

  4. jeri

    3 legged-stools are wonderful and because I always “feel” deep when I read your words, I will attach a vision of stability to todays post.

    I would lay the scarf out on the table, it looks like a beautiful runner to me.

    It got cold, brrr, here too and we lost electricity yesterday and through the night. Who would have thought living on top of a mountain this would happen? But below us baad things happen and we bear the brunt of it. 🤣

    And I agree with Marilyn, so much peace and joy here in everyones words. Very comforting place to visit.

  5. Sue Facherty

    My son and I got lost ”roaming in the gloaming” in the rainy woods of his childhood yesterday afternoon as we were looking for fallen healthy wood to cut to make table legs. He bought a ”bodger” (I think?) and is keen to learn how to use it.
    Blowing the cobwebs away!
    He has a butterfly brain like his mother.
    I shall show him the man’s fabulous creation.

  6. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Love your full spectrum scarf. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. We brought my small floor loom from the loft down to the kitchen where the light is better. I’ve never used wool as warp. Considering.

  7. Jen

    This cold, low light of autumn-sliding-into-winter is a time of quiet introspection, working quietly w ones hands, cozying up w toasty warms things (textiles, tea, cats, a partner) & most importantly, Dreaming.
    ….maybe I’ll dream of Spring! Ha ha!

  8. Bridget

    Space. The feeling. Our small home was built in a walled garden (UK) so there is no feeling of space. Having living on a mountain ridge in Spain before here, I could almost feel what flying felt like. I have to walk down to the estuary very close to here and look out beyond ……. Space.

    I love your scarf and am trying to work out how it was woven to get those vivid colours among the cream and brown tones. Woven in strips and sewn together maybe …….?

  9. sharon

    sometimes our cat drools when he gets a neck ‘n ear massage. looking at these pics, i can relate. the table with legs like cat paws. the rich colors ‘n textures of wool. totally droolworthy.

  10. great table! love it and love that scarf too

    i had really weird dreams about moving (back) to Amsterdam with the husband and then wanting to return to the countryside within 3 years, probably has something to do with house-extension and my activism concerning a nearby campsite producing way too much noise and disturbance!

    • jude

      funny how you don’t even realize how much stuff needs to be worked through in one way or another so it takes up less space in your mind.

    • Nancy D

      Jude, your man does have beautiful hands! How could they not be with such a wonderful woodland table! That it is hickory makes it even more beautiful. Your woven scarf from beforetimes suggests a simple and happy warmth. Beautiful hands made that, too.
      P.S. I tried to email you the picture of the Full Moon, but couldn’t find the right email address.

  11. Velma Bolyard

    i too feel the cold and was surprised at first, then not. i’m dreaming a lot, which is not how it’s been for a long time. is it a hag thing?

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