jude hill spirit cloth

she became too complicated


There she is.

Temple Woman

aka Her Story has No Words.

I don't know. I think I went too far.

I will try again.

Come to think of it, that is what the Woman Series is about.

Just to let you know, everything has to change in terms of how I might continue.  The blog is moving here if you wish to resubscribe, don't blame you if you just want to walk away at this point.  This site will go down for a while  but will be dedicated to the Forever Zone.  Classes on hosted Typepad are virtually inaccessible at this point. Hopefully they will get their act together. Time to reconsider everything. Issues here with my theme will bring me tumbling down in terms of website design. So. OK. I finally admit defeat and will search for another way to continue if necessary. ❤️

no turning back


I just want to stitch already.


    • jude

      yeah, weird right? much more than data migration according to tech guy here. something is not right. I need to get in to grab my class data, geez. And I pay them, what about that?
      Yours is really blank… I can’t log in.

      • I can get in and look at my posts from Typepad so I have to hope that eventually everything will pop up again since it has for others.

        It’s funny to me how much it’s bothering me on one level…it’s been a consuming work at week so I don’t know that I’d have anything to post but if I did…the inability to be able to share a story in a format that I chose is bothering me. I tried to do a test post last night but photos wouldn’t load.

  1. cj

    It is all so fucked up. Hope i can still find you somewhere! Or that some sanity left offering avenues for us all. I’ll get so damn lonely! I’ll be running your YouTube on constant rewind if all left. Power to all Women!!!👑💥🤗

    • jane

      Hi cj,
      Don’t you think that judes latest lady story cloth, kind of expresses your frustration and judes frustration with all that is going on with the blogging world. So many are not working. I wonder if it is a saboutage thing. I don’t know. But we ought to raise our vibrations and get unified. Power to all Women. yay

      • jude

        the ting is, technology keeps moving and older versions get run over so I guess we just have to keep moving. ha! good idea anyway for these old bones.

  2. You might want to consider Crosswinds hosting. I don’t know if/what you pay, but they are offering the unlimited account like I have for less than I pay. (Hmmm…) There are several blog options, including Word Press. I have the option for much, much more than I use. You could have absolutely everything on the same site–blog, classes, store. And they are uber helpful. I always get an answer when I write. I’m not compensated for recommending them; I’m just that happy with them.

    Temple woman is gorgeous! Too far? Not at all. Some things are just meant to be more.

    • jude

      thanks for saying.
      I am happy with WordPress, and I think they have staying power. I just mad some mistakes that I cannot fix at this point without simplifying a bit. which I am not sure I can do without starting over. So we’ll see. the techMan here came out of his shell and said he would look at it. ha, let’s see…

  3. Stephanie

    I love her. The hole is filled with possibilities. Struggling with IT issues makes us all a bit mad. You can give up or continue telling yourself that ‘the obstacle is the path’ or whatever gets you through the day. We all suffer with you and would give up except we keep seeing the hole full of possibilities

  4. Judith Stadler

    Would you consider Facebook for everything? I don’t know if that’s a good or viable suggestion, but FB seems to be steadfast and reliable. Just a thought.

  5. Caro

    To me you did not go too far on the work on temple woman…. So much stitching all around and in her and then the void between her legs. Stark and beautiful contrast.
    Am following and hoping its a smooth transition for you…haha, and me 😉

  6. MJ

    Stitch and find your inner peace. Have faith for all will fall in place and I shall subscribe where ever you go for your works and words help me with my inner peace. Have a blessed day

  7. hermosa

    I think She is full of energy and is clearly buzzed with it. A close up of her face, feels sweet and gentle.
    I hold you and Her in high regard.

  8. Debra

    She is a perfect reflection of the way things sometimes go…when too many of our aspect selves are called to the surface at once…inside it feels like a war is raging – while from the outside what is seen is a magnificent, primal dance in the shadow lands.

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