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Last Blog Post here?

There is always  seed saving. For another day.

Here, Japanese Indigo.

dry shake, poof!

I am using the wire basket from an air fryer somebody gave to me that never worked  and I don't really need such a thing anyway.  It's been a long growing season here and the indigo keeps making flowers,  still a few stragglers. The basket is sitting on a dish towel on the big round table.  I lay all the stalks here now, there are so many,   give it a shake now and then. pick up the seeds one by one with a tweezer.  Toss the crumbs out the window.

A slowing down before bedtime.  Sometimes I sing.

this many so far

One by one, just like stitches, or steps,  you eventually get somewhere.

I will miss blogging here in a way, no glossary words, no categories or  ways to organize.  But hey,  let's see how it works out.   With the new platform, posts will come in full to your inbox.  Maybe that is better in some ways for those who read.

I will put this site in maintenance mode, probably tomorrow, for a few days.  Just to do what I need to do. And when it reopens it will basically be the Home for the Forever Zone, that is private teaching pages.  Free Classes are not available at this time because of the TypePad issues.  Free Enough Classes are no longer available for purchase.  I suppose, in a way,  my idea for Feel Free has transformed somewhat  and it is more like Free Enough.  But I feel the  Free is still there in so many ways.  If all goes well, I will be able to to put everything teaching related here in some organized way.  And I will send out  Forever Zone Newsletter by private mail, explaining any changes. Fingers Crossed.

Thank you all who have resubscribed over here.  You can remain signed up here if you like, just in case, ha!  I have some formatting to figure out over in the new blog place,  so I will take a day or two to do that before continuing.  So hey ho, let's just go.

Thank you to those who have chosen to remain Travelling Companions.  Each time a change is made I lose a few stray folks, but the heart of the going seems to remain,  a bit like seed saving really.


  1. Janet Wright

    I hope it all works out–I really enjoy the contact–especially a sane one in this crazy world–or wurled ( as my friend India Flint says)
    May THE FORCE be with you–and all of us. janet Wright

  2. deb p

    Onward! Thank you for finding new ways when the old have too many flaws and can’t be mended any longer. Looking forward to further threads.

  3. Corinne

    So glad to be a traveling rag mate. Thank you for every lovely thought, lovely photos and all the possible dreams!

    I will follow. Onward!

  4. Helen Lee

    I’ll miss the glossary words, and travelling along the journeys they take me on.
    Way too wet here for days and days for any more seed gathering.
    Have just come home from visiting a disused, (but still cared for), church, where I can sing at full volume with no one to hear me…the acoustics are so kind!
    Love to you ❤️

  5. sharon

    magical seeds. how they lie dormant for a time. then go underground, become invisible ‘n re-emerge in a wonder-full new form. small steps. slow living. hey, ho, on we go!…

  6. Laurie

    I’ve thought about switching to Substack too, but I’ve been on WordPress so long. I’ll be interested in hearing how you like it. I follow several people there.

  7. Joan Hinchcliff

    Thanks so much for your persistence with technology challenge fixes. I got subscribed on the new platform and hope it works out for you easily.

  8. Susanne Loutas

    I want to keep leaf-bird-selves crossing currents. The consistent nudge of my hyper-aware mother is gone now, and my daughter’s bloom into cronehood is unfolding. My journey within the currents alternates between formlessly absorbing them, and then capturing threads that unconsciously echo them. Thank you for your awareness and your seeds.

    • Jen

      Let’s sew seeds if every kind(ness) everywhere!
      I need to reacquaint myself w the private classes, I did one but never made it to the other two ( the outdoor season called to me instead)
      The light is low, the days shorter, time to get back to the Teachings!
      And I need to collect all my indigo seeds too!

  9. Chloe

    Hey Jude, I’m sorry that things have become so complicated but grateful as always for everything you do, including the work behind the screen. I don’t seem to receive emails about the Forever Zone, but would very much like to stay on that mailing list please. All change opens new doors I find.

  10. June-Etta Chenard

    Good for you, going gently with the flow of change, since go with the flow we must. No point in screaming and kicking up a fuss! Thank you for persisting; best wishes with this new bend in the river.

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