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Never Be Too Sure

a thread is a threadYes. Another post.   To see if I can.

Me and the Box

let me out!

I think maybe I am going to take a stand. I am going to be who I am, here, without worry. After all, it seems worry has taken over and I don't have time really, anymore.  It can be okJust putting what I can here,  and if I can't, well, you can just know it is because I can't. Sometimes it is like that,   in fact

that's just life.

I have had to see a lot of old content in order to fix this  place.  And I realize that it doesn't matter, whether I can post or not, I will always be able to keep going. Well, you know what I mean. Maybe you will just not be watching sometimes. The world turns with or without us.  Something has happened to me and I am once again too trapped in the box I have put myself in.

self to self

The creative flow depends so much on place.  Not just a space.  And place needs to welcome  self's  touch.  And respond.  And that takes time,  which seems so short these days.  So much effort has already gone into this place.  And I think, in general it will stay in one form or another.  For long enough.  I am here today, after realizing that I can be.  I woke to find many new subscribers, even though I said I might not be blogging here any more.  And I thought, ok,  maybe just what gets put here is good enough.   And Substack, well, it can be a back up I guess, a newsletter, a quick fix, maybe it will evolve into its own thing, it has potential,  but it will never be a real journal, a home.

I have made some changes.  I will implement them soon.  Maybe all will work without glitches for a while.  For a while could be like forever, who knows?





Today, A is for A, the letter A.

9 times, to celebrate A.

A sampler.

On paper.

Because that's what freely formed. So far.


Just talking here, instead of the Zone today.

A test post. Fingers crossed.

A, yay!


The site will go down soon, for a day or so,  probably Friday.  By not displaying the blog as the homepage, I seem to have come up with a solution to the snag I encountered. If there is one thing I have learned by living long enough, is that there are just many ways to keep going. There might be many ways to get to the same place, but the journey itself, the story might not be apparent without sharing. So yes, I may go down in history as the Woman who could not make up her mind which way to go, which path to take, but I might also meet you down the road, in the same place, wondering how you got there. I think this might make a beautiful story. Someday.

Let's see if this flies your way.


  1. Caro

    Oh i am so thankful that you are brave enough to change you mind. That is just so honest und true to yourself wonderful and inspirational.
    And so great to be here again.
    Thank you

  2. Peggy McG

    Here with you! What ever comes across in my email, I will find you! Thanks for all the effort you put into this, I learn so much from you and this group!!

  3. Elisa

    Please know that anything you post is the best I read daily. Inspiring, inquisitive, stimulating, creative, truthful…I could go on. The beauty of your art is never ending.

    • jude

      My goodness, what a basket of compliments. Truthful might bring a lot of other satisfactions. Hard to hold the line. Sometimes…

      • Vi

        A simple thank you…for being you.
        .like someone said(can’t remember who,right now)…sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not….which is which..I forgot.:)
        I have gained so much by visiting your blog over many cups of coffee.
        And yes, Someday would really be very nice.
        Thank you. A small word which envelopes very huge feelings.

  4. Maybe it’s not about you making up your mind, but that your mind sees so many ways… which are all much appreciated possibilities! Listening to and sharing all of your Selves gives and encourages us to explore, choose and learn to listen to our own Selves.

  5. Jen NyBlom

    Well, that makes at least two of us: because really, are we SUPPOSED to make up our minds?! (Ha)
    I change mine all the time, and sometimes get lost along the way…
    but still going~~~ so, I’ll meet ya ….somewhere!

  6. (((Jude))) love the thought of you going “down in history as the Woman who could not make up her mind which way to go, which path to take, but I might also meet you down the road, in the same place, wondering how you got there. I think this might make a beautiful story.”
    Look forward to meeting you out there at the x-roads & BTW if you ever need to find the most convoluted circular obtuse widdershins way to do anything I’m an expert!

  7. hermosa

    nice to hear your voice Jude.
    and I love the view of the channeler about complicating a peanut butter sandwich. (thanks Marilyn).

  8. Helen Lee

    It flew right in to my inbox 🙋‍♀️
    Love that centre A with its ‘wave’ crossbar.
    So happy to journey with you along many paths.

  9. my Great Depression/World War II era parents always cautioned “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” … which they practiced by not putting all their money into one bank or investment, lest they lose it all … so maybe “don’t put all your posts in one format” has a similar logic … spread them around, diversify your investments of time and energy … and at the same time, exercise our minds as we follow you thither and yon … what sport!

  10. Marilyn CLULOW

    A channeled spirit once told me when I was fussing about something “you humans have the ability to complicate a peanut butter sandwich” I have never forgotten that and constantly remind myself . Now I just let things go and relinquish attachment to outcome, it never fails.

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