jude hill spirit cloth

Comfort Zone

Good Morning.

Days again become a river.

round and round I went

And I published this before I was done.  I guess I am relaxed.  I love making these circles.  A Magic Sun.   I guess that is reason enough to continue,  so today A might simply be for Anything.  Autumn continues to be Amazing.


  1. Jana

    Sunshine for the soul … and “A,” too. Absolutely. Thank you.
    “Today: soak in what’s real, and what’s real is unhurried. The ground. The air. The exhale. The planted seed. The shift. The season.” -Victoria Erickson … And the circle.

  2. Deb VZ

    I admire how bravely you tackle the different platforms and sites. I work with “tech” all day so maybe that’s why I avoid most of it outside of work. How truly generous and patient of you to spend time to find a way to stay connected with us.

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