jude hill spirit cloth


So ok then. I hope everything is working. I just worked my way through a few things while alternating web work with stitching... (sorry the color in the video was a bit off)  Trying to redefine Home for myself.  Ending up with what I hope works here and also a new piece in the Just Home Series.  testing

a path to a more peaceful existence

Reconsidering Home I guess.

Like everything else.

Not done yet.

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    • jude

      No, everythung is the same. The private pages are just part of the Forever Zone and still has the same password. The rest of the site is open.

  1. Jana

    “Making sky a home … ”
    Lovely. The large blue swirls above the tiny house make me think of the Aurora Borealis. So soothing, your voice and process and “considerings.” Thank you.

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