jude hill spirit cloth

Home again in so many ways…

Soul-o stretching in the sunlight

You know you are home when you can be yourself.

I slept well.  That has not been happening too often.  Things become a pattern, especially when you worry about them.  You know what I mean.  Trying to sleep well or trying to be happy, that doesn't work.


a little pathwork

It's early morning, And I love this photo. Where I left off last night.  I wore myself out imagining peace, brushed my teeth, went to bed and woke up just before dawn.

he never went in there before.

still untitled

There is a lot that I love here.

Let me count the ways.

I love the Moon that seems hugged by sky.  I love the idea of nested homes, a roof over a roof.  I love the play on scale and the sense of expanding the sense of home. I love all the parts of things and how the edges seem like a place of becoming. I love how the earthly warmth connects to the corner sun.  I love the play on nine, my safety net, and how it also became a constellation. I love the stitched extension on the blue wave.  I love the absence of figures and how welcoming the empty space becomes. How I still have the sense of being there. I love the roof of stars which gives them heart somehow.

I loved just stitching this to calm myself and no other reason.  Using what was here by my side  because it always seems like enough.

November porch

November and still warm enough to sit outside. The storm has passed.  Just a lot of rain, enough wind to clean the leaves from the trees. The man who loves classical music, put a cheap soundbar out here.  The birds seem to enjoy Beethoven.

There is a cold wind brewing.


  1. Helen Lee

    So much love and peace to feel about all of this 💙
    Listening to Mozart as I read and looked. Can’t have it loud enough for the birds though…too near neighbours 🙄

  2. Nancy

    I love that you could find peace. I too love the color balance, and the warmth. I love the 9-patch window cave-house that looks like a hut to me…something primal, less complicated. I love the sky holding tic-tac-toe stars, under a sky roof of more stars.
    I love that you bring your piece/peace here, so we may all feel that for a moment. xo

  3. Barbara

    This feels so connected. All the parts . Observing from a zoomed out aerial place. Warm home/earth…space around the moon and the sheltering stars. And it goes on in all directions. Such a spacious yet cozy piece…or should I say peace. Thank you. Love it

  4. Laura

    I love how Soul-o in the cat-tree-home echoes your nestled spirit home piece that had calmed you last night. I love your words of love.

  5. Jana

    “calm is like food, even in the smallest amounts” has gone into my Jude Hill quotations collection. Just seeing Solo’s feet and toes in the top photos made something inside me unwind. Thank you.

    “If the only prayer you ever said was ‘Thank you,’ that would be enough.” Meister Eckhart

  6. Judy

    Such beautiful musing Jude! I thoroughly enjoy your gifted use of language to express your thoughts. I occasionally feel similarly when walking my dog in the 100+ acre wooded park near my home early in the morning. But I had a particularly beautiful few minutes while swimming backstroke at the pool recently. The sound of the water burbling past my ears was quite magical so I relished in it while I could. It didn’t happen with front crawl of breast stroke. It all depended on how cleanly my arm came out of the water, that I had just the right amount of water under my swim cap in my ear canal…it was quite mesmerizing. Little moments to enjoy while there is so much awful stuff going on. Thanks Jude!

  7. Suzy Hard

    I feel “home”. I feel like I bounce around a lot, on occasion, I leave it, too, but I’m always grateful fall back into my soft place.

  8. Amy

    “Trying” to make a beautiful piece also often doesn’t work. But sometimes a beautiful piece just happens. (Although as a friend said when asked “How long did it take you to make that?” he says “do you mean how many years did I spend honing this skill, or how many hours did I spend working on this particular piece?”) Thanks for sharing with us the love and skill that flows out of your needle, Jude.

  9. Dewey

    good morning. I too am having trouble sleeping. I experienced many days of cities with no people during Covid . The first time was amazing but after a week There was no peace there for me only sadness and loneliness . Being in a forest with no people feels comforting. Strange my different expectations. Glad you got some sleep . This piece as usually is beautiful.

  10. we went to an artist talk at our local gallery last weekend … having a recognizable art form came up, how it is both a “signature” and an expression of self … your new cloth is all of that, in the best way

    and as I read “I love the absence of figures and how welcoming the empty space becomes,” I recalled a guided meditation I experienced many years ago that included a passage about walking through a city … at the end, the facilitator asked a series of questions about our experience including this: “Was the city you imagined full of people, or were there just a few people?” … I realized with a jolt that I had imagined no people at all … and that I was absolutely okay with that

    I could curl up like Soul-O and be perfectly happy in my solitude … as long as it included cloth and stitch, of course

    • jude

      How just going creates a groove, i like the idea of expression and signature as one thing!
      A city without people, yes me too, how interesting.
      I feel good today, balanced.

  11. Nancy D

    What you wrote about Peace resonates. The other morning I took a picture of the Moon that looks just like your Moon, and deemed it “Peace.” Is there a way I can send it to you?

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