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November Softly Arrived (but then not)

Some of you have seen a draft of this post, something collapsed this morning. trying to patch things back together.


Halloween, a beautiful warm day, leaves falling like rain.  I just let it pass, thoughtfully.

out picking, things are still blooming, I planted the lavender for Michelle.

Soul-o's spot upgraded, he loves baskets

Magnolia let go, we can see through


Fog and a warm November rain...

Leaf birds still waiting on a cloth called Spin ( Magic Cloth 2)


Today, after a full night of rain, fog.  And way warm. We expect 70 degress most of the week.  Spooky really.

I glanced at the cloth I now call Spin, on the wall, catching site of the leaf birds forming.  Wanting so much to be like them.  Just taken by the wind and learning on the way.

No stitching today.

There is a mouse in the kitchen.



Nine for peace again

Hopefully some peace. The world is such a mess.

A reminder that things can come together

I will continue with Alphabet Soup, because there is a need to.  I have done a lot of basic stitching.  Not a lot of talking.  This is the quiet focus for the rest of the year,  it will be completed by the new year for sure.

I will share where I am soon.


one piece at a time...


  1. It’s 38 F and raining, maybe first frost tomorrow morning (It’s in the forecast, first time I’ve ever seen that!). I looked for alphabet noodles recently (haven’t found them yet)…thinking alphabet soup would be fun.

  2. Laurie

    My brain is in a new place these days…a better one but I still dread this time next week. Your leaf birds help me stay grounded . HA

  3. Victoria

    It does seem that the world is all in loose pieces. Some folks trying to patch things together, but they really don’t know how to go about it. Maybe because it is so immense and the patches are worn and can’t hold together anymore.

  4. Jen

    Worked in the gardens today, trimming bamboo, after some quiet stitching this morning.
    You have a mouse, and I’m fighting fire ants who have been marching into the kitchen, attracted to the cat food.

  5. Cj

    November 1 is a such a upside down day. It’s an eye opener. A page turner. It reads weird. I’ve been quiet. Been stitching, looking, and sitting daily with my “V” prayer flag, flopping in the breeze, for next week’s results. Quite terrifying. Hopeful! 🌊🌬️☮️

  6. Jana

    …”taken by the wind and learning on the way.” Air is my favorite of the elemental forces so this phrase caught my imagination. And the leaf bird calling to the leaves to join in the winter migration. The yellow-ish leaf on the left is magical! Seems to be silk and quiet ethereal. Peace and ease to all.

    • jude

      yes, silk, I was working with locally dyed silk there. and now I am here, maybe continue with what has been dyed here. air yes, wind, breath, all spinning together.

  7. Mary S

    Love to see your seasons change in opposition to mine – we are in spring now in Melbourne, Australia & a very wet one. Autumn is so beautiful, my favourite season. Thank you for your sharing.

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