jude hill spirit cloth


the mask is from Indonesia

this was fun


I  have a lot of things to think through and that is just what I am going to do today.


  1. Cj

    Darn, just saw this!!!!! You!!!! Love it! My Halloween much the same!! Did have a pumpkin smoothie! Wonder what next Halloween will bring!🤔🙃

  2. we had “only” 100-or-so kiddos this year … there were leftovers in our basket of goodies even though we began to encourage kids to take “more than one” as the evening waned … I confess to being happy(ish) to have some leftovers this time around

  3. Boo to you too! Around here the trick or treats go to the house with lights, big inflatable figures, dangling things from the trees…or downtown. Doesn’t really happen on my street so it’s pretty quiet, just the neighbors. And I will confess, I ate the first bag of candy and had to go buy another one this morning.

  4. Peggy McG

    Happy Halloween! Loved the Boo Picture! Enjoy and hope it is Chocolate candy!! I just bought me an almond joy as that was what I used to steal from my kids haul. Which is ok as They didnt seem to get the “I like coconut gene.”.

  5. Almost the same here. We get from one to ten trick-or-treaters, and have plenty of candy for ourselves, too. I need to go look for my electric jack-o-lantern so the kids know we’re here.

  6. Living in a neighborhood known for lots of Halloween decor and loads of trick or treaters, we will have fun out front admiring the costumes and passing out treats to kids from all over the city who come for the fun. Along with neighbors we keep safety a priority so the kids can enjoy the evening.
    Making a big pot of butternut squash soup is part of the tradition!
    Lots of dia de los muertos costumes and decor too.
    Have a safe evening everyone!

  7. Lela

    Good Morning, I am enjoying your thoughts and shares. No pumpkin or tricker treaters here either, too far for little ones to come. Enjoy your day indulging in candy and creative thinking!

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