jude hill spirit cloth


And it happened.

Suddenly, or so it seems...


poof, I see mountains

The seeing through.

She forms.

Re Forms

Not pretty but sometimes that is the way it is.

I am considering cutting into.

A personal rebirthing , this Temple Woman.  Slow.  Difficult.

New form.  Unexpected.

While considering the beauty in that.

I apologize to those who cannot get into my classes in the last days.

The blog host, Typepad, is experiencing issues. 

The one thing we can be sure of is

Everything will change.


  1. Jen

    I saw the first image of the autumn and I focused in, between rock and tree, a little spot of red, see here! it says …
    And then:
    DAMN! I uttered when your stitching came into view, it pierced my heart.
    Oh, Jude!!!!
    (re)Birth is a struggle and so worthwhile….
    I might have to look and look and look at this piece.
    It is STUNNING
    So powerful.
    ( I am So Amazed by your creations)

  2. Jana

    Wow. Holy, cosmic Mother (to me). Drawn to the spirals under the arms. Image now blazed into my brain. Love, peace, and joy to you, Sharing Maker.

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