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She will be Difficult

Just needed a break, maybe from  from  the wearying work of trying to explain.  I once, or many times described using the mind as a filter, how you might use it to focus a certain way.  Focus is, though, in this way, limiting,  and not completely open.  But hey, that could be for another day.

self built

This one is so thin and open,   I can't even imagine it holding together. Or how it began.  But I will try and I will call her Temple Woman.   She might be a self built  Doorway.  To  Something,  at least .  She feels so good to hold.   Like fresh air which seems to move right through her.

My Under the Weather has turned into a mood.  Although the booster knocked me over a bit.  I will be back in November with a Newsletter and a rested mind.

oh to see through, but it comes in time.

Meanwhile, I am going to go get a pumpkin and patiently wait for a longer view. The seeing through.

Nothing is Something

I am still stitching on Alphabet Soup.  Funny when I got to N,  N was alone but then I noticed I had just lightly sketched in a word way back when.  I stitched it. Now N is for Nothing.  And I imagine how Nothing might be something in so many ways.

Thank you for all your kind caring comments.

See you Later...


  1. thin-skinned is how I have always been … physically and mentally … so yeah, this one resonates for sure … I wonder whether her eyes will still look weary after your needle has had its way

    trying to explain has been hard lately … words are slow to come and I can’t help wondering if it is due to the after-effects of Covid … or is it just age? … or both???

  2. Being able to do nothing is a gift to oneSelf, I think. Really like the spirals under her arms, a kind of secret energy going on. Take the very best care of yourself, oxo.

  3. sharon

    temple woman is lovely. the sketchiness of her. she seems to be a bridge between the seen ‘n unseen worlds. n is for nap. enjoy! x

  4. Kristin F.

    Taking time away from the usual is such a grand thing to give our self. Sitting outside taking a break myself…spending three weeks on a mountainside in an off the grid home of a friend. Change, stepping away from the norm, or just to sit and be in a place of calm and rest from the ever-busy journey.
    All good. Will hold you in love and light as I too, rest from the daily grind.

  5. Nothing unless you notice . . . needle, night, new (moon), November, niggling, neat, naughty, nefarious . . . I’m not sure I want to know where in my mind all those words came from. LOL

    Hope you’re feeling better. Moods can be so unpredictable and fickle, but sometimes we just need the quiet introspection a low mood often brings.

  6. Carol Rookstool

    Your stitching is brilliant and I am amazed at how much you continue to produce. Thanks for sharing your journey. Snuggle into Fall. Reflect. Your ragmates love you.

  7. Temple Woman is perfect for this time of year when many festivals mark the existence of “thin places” between worlds. The thinness of the material, of course, but –even more — the door that she creates/guards. The sense of passing through to a different place/world/way of being….. She is a strong image for me — and strengthens my flagging courage.
    Your Under-the-weather becoming Mood resonates with my current experience of physical and non-physical self.
    Rest well, Jude — and thank you so much for sharing these images & thoughts.

  8. Suzy

    I love Feel Free. Feeds my soul. I haven’t started spirit clothing yet. Still have 1 more baby quilt to go.
    But, they are floating in the fog.
    Just want to say, thank you.

  9. Dee

    I love the thought of cloth so light you can feel air through it. Explaining CAN be a burden and certainly showing up as much as you do here — I can’t even fathom. Rest. Watch the leaves fall.

  10. Lela

    She has a beautiful spirit emerging. Rest well… sometimes it seems to take a cold or a booster shot to allow us this time of rest. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you in that forrest glowing with fall colors.

  11. Linda C

    This morning I read somewhere that those who have strong reactions to covid/booster shots develop the most immunity. Hooray for you!

  12. Helen Lee

    New Moon and Solar Eclipse…partial here. Mark managed to get photos in between the rain showers.
    I feel thin and open like ‘Temple Woman’!
    Hope you manage to rest.
    Love to you ❤️

  13. Yes, nothing…like the blank page in Goodnight Moon 🙂
    She looks ancient, in the best way. May this view, these trees, this view hold you and rock you while you wait. xo

  14. Judy

    a loop, yep me too. a few weeks later still feeling ‘off’. maybe the new moon? or just life at almost 76. But on the bright side there are the trees and there’s the sky and birds…so this will pass.

    • Suzy

      Nice words. I’ve felt off the past couple of days, I’m 82 and I’m realizing more how important resting/renewing is. Life often tells us, in suttle ways, we need a rest. I’m listening/feeling more these days s, so the powers that be are giving me this quiet rest, beautiful scenes of winter beginning to snuggle in, birds foraging and defending nests, even possibility of rain. Thank you, thank you.

    • Carrole

      Temple Woman has a beautiful resonance. The thin veil between worlds. In the yogic path that I followed, and still follow, our teachers wore lovely thin, soft orange saris.
      The colour represented the in between times of dawn and dusk, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest.
      Enjoy your rest

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