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Suddenly, it occurred to me...

Something was missing on the Bird Robe.

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I notice the cloth is wearing.  It's been used that much, even though still in process. I am always caught off guard by the  beauty in that,  the poetry of process.  With cloth, the wearing out is part it. The journey.   I was just thinking about that.  This morning, in a different way.


  1. Lynn

    What a fabulous robe, Jude! So lovely and I guess you could wear it inside-out. How many robes have you stitched over your life till now – they’d make a brilliant exhibition for textile lovers.

  2. Jen

    When it is finally cool/cold again, I will work on my robe.
    Still too warm/humid…
    And now, after several weeks of dry weather; RAIN!!!

  3. why ? i suddenly thought of those Girl Scouct patches, the Sash
    we wore with our earned patches stitched on,
    yours would have a black/white nine patch
    a beast
    a feather

  4. I want to make a robe too ! The lining I am not clear on how to make that happen. This would be a great project for me. Instead of doing a blue quilt I will do a robe !
    If you reply to my comment I never would know because I don’t remember where it is. Can I get an email when you comment, or do I have to get everyone’s comment ?

  5. Kristin F

    I love seeing the places showing wear in special clothes and cloths I have made. Finding beauty in process is truly that piece of time that continues to remind me of journey and show me the strength in mending and using again and again.

  6. sharon

    oooooH… soooooH true! especially love the ombre effect of cloth partially exposed to the sun over time. need to experiment with “sun shibori” to see how various cloths react over time… thank u, jude!

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