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Just liked looking

Looking back

Quite difficult to film through the window.  Sitting on the stump that is usually a snack bar for pileated woodpeckers,  pulling apart the carcass of a Blue Jay.  He stopped eating because I was spotted even through the glass.  Not a great film but you might catch a glimpse of the feathers below. He eventually flew away with the remainder of his meal.  I love just witnessing.


I am collecting seed from the Japanese Indigo blooms.  I left some, the bees like them.   This is the big round table, in the room we call The Room with the Big Round Table.  Soul-o likes to hang out here in the mornings and each time he walks by he knocks a few seeds out of their pods.  I collect them in the evening.  I used a photo tool to remove the yellow wall just to see because I have yet to paint it white.

Madder berries

The Madder has gone to seed.  It's been years now, been here years already.  I keep looking at it.  Guess I can dig it up?  Gotta move it anyway.  It takes over really.  Not sure what to do with it.  First time.  I guess I could just leave it for another year.


  1. Wendy

    Beautiful hawk, I have a red ring tail hawk that comes and sits in my backyard adjacent to our wooded area. I love watching him as he is so beautiful. I have plenty of prey for him as well. We have plenty of those pesky chipmunks and rabbits a plenty here. And I noticed last night a stray cat has started camping out on my front porch. Has a collar so. I’m sure he won’t stay long.

    All those seeds are glorious. I have plenty of goldenrod here and am thinking I might try to dye with it. I need to read up on it though as I have never used it to dye with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Thank you for sharing your nature life. It inspires my hopes and dreams. Close to the land is where I have long wanted to be, but now, my ashes scattered over Caspers Park is about as close as I will ever get. I must have been a nature girl in another life – that would explain why I have this longing to live deep in the beauty of some acres.

  3. My dye garden is not working for me. I tried to put it in a narrow weedy raised bed that was already there. I neglect it every year… Seeing this indigo and madder got me thinking about tearing down the bed and starting over. They look great. And that hawk – really taking its own sweet time.

    • jude

      I can’t really say I have a dye garden, for some reason, the indigo keeps reseeding here, but the leaf yield wasn’t great, lack f water and really too densely mixed in with everything else. Maybe the energy went into seeds, so many. The madder really took a long time to look this good. Such a messy plant, needs its own spot. I am not really doing much dyeing other than the indigo and some bundling. I have so much dyed cloth already. Still the golden rod is staring at me… ha.
      Taking time, yes, just there doing the hawk thing. loved it.

  4. Part of life, part of the cycle… I wonder if we consider what is essential enough? And wow! the indigo. 🙂 My madder died but I have tons of sweet woodruff and got a really nice pink when I tried dyeing with it’s roots. I just soaked the dirt of the roots and then simmered them for awhile.

    • jude

      Spme things are just such good reminders of essential. Just a small portion of the blooms. I planted 3, 2 are not doing well, this one took over the whole garden bed. First seeds this season.

  5. Beth F

    Hawks – masters of seeing, observing. Could we even emulate this level of focus in the immediate moment and the stirrings of the space around us?

    • jude

      I was just thinking about our tendency to fast forward. This, just even watching, slows you to a different pace, do we even have the patience for focus anymore in this supercharged world?

  6. Jen

    Jude, our morning Nature Guide💚
    I love observing hawks, ( but not when they’re after my hens!)
    I need to collect my indigo seedheads…my madder hasn’t seeded yet! That’s cool….
    I keep thinking I’m going to try something w it, but haven’t yet. Ha.

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