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The A corner is quilted.  A had 3 blocks,  the A,  the Apple and  the Apple tree.  So the quilting went around the corner.   Time is moving faster than my needle.   It's almost mid October.   I am not used to deadlines.  Well that's not true, I did work as a fabric designer for 30 years.   Maybe that's why I left them behind.

the A cornerB, because that is what's next

B was for Bird.   An applique just cut out from some old print.  A beast I guess, but I could do Better.  Could be for Blue too,  but I look and I think  Boring.

But then, I often cycle into bored.  Because.  Well that's just me. It  happens more often with people.  Maybe they just wear me out.

I will quilt the edge up there today.  In between chores.  Look again.

And things can BecomeBecoming is inevitable.  Maybe I get bored with not becoming.  Then being bored is useful.


  1. Part of an often recited favorite poem “Dream Song 14” by John Berryman…
    “Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.
    After all, the sky flashes, the great sea yearns,
    we ourselves flash and yearn,
    and moreover my mother told me as a boy
    (repeatedly) ‘Ever to confess you’re bored
    means you have no
    Inner Resources.’ I conclude now I have no
    inner resources, because I am heavy bored…”

  2. Deb W

    I love the ideas and comments stirred up by Baby’s (B) quilt. Someday s/he might enjoy the thought that went into it’s making. A print out of the posts regarding this creation would be an amazing provenance for the heirloom to be. Imagine, what a treasure, if only we had this for the quilts from our Grandmothers.

    • what an intriguing, “why didn’t I think of that?” idea … how one might take the blog posts for a particular cloth or project and create a book through one of the online book making apps like Shutterfly or Blurb … hmmmmm

      • jude

        I had that in mind, but your photos need to be very high res for printing and my old blogging was not that. So the old stories didn’t come out well. I had reduced the file size to save space. Who knew? I have learned a lot about photos over the years.

  3. Hi jude – for me “B” is always bird. Bird is the Word. This reminds me to stitch a bird for my green cloth ! My stitching has slowed down due to a thumb injury, but I can still dream and draw and rip cloth to make weavings. Thank you for your lovely website.

  4. Suzette Mack

    B is for blue…the sky where the birds fly, the sadness we feel when something hurts our heart, and for blueberries that stain the milk in our cereal and our fingertips as we pick the berries fresh off the bushes on hot summer mornings.

    Such a lovely quilt. I love your work.

  5. Amy

    I think boredom sometimes comes for me from being around people for too long/frequent periods, because it cuts down on the time available to create and do self-care routines. So I think of B for Balance.

  6. Cj

    Digging the alphabet! Will the bird become a beast!🤔
    Often baffled or bewildered but today after this mornings Harvest Moon setting in the West as I welcomed the day, I’m feeling bewitching! 🧙‍♀️ Ha!

  7. Boredom is so interesting to think about. I think I just skate right past it these days. On to something more interesting. Yet I can sit for many many hours/days making something and not be bored. Becoming sounds right. Bees – must have some!

  8. Helen Lee

    Bees 🐝 🐝 here….”B”eecoming!
    Yes…people. Can’t do the small talk at all.
    The nine patch in the corner of A works so beautifully.

  9. Corinne

    Sometimes bewildered. In the wilderness (and winter) one can lose a sense of direction…no path…so then you have to brainstorm .or just let it B. Yes, the bored thing happens too. ❤️

    Then wait for Inspiration to appear! ❤️

    An amazing quilt for the baby! ❤️

    Touchstones. Loving all the words and ideas here with all of you.

  10. Jen

    Yes, to the people.🥴😜

    “B” is for “Be”yond….which is part of “B”eing for me…what will “B”e “A”round the next “C”orner!?

    Sketching pumpkins this morning w tea…
    Maybe I need to stitch some.
    “B”ewitching! 🎃

  11. Judy

    Yes, people. Yesterday my daughter reminded me of the huge Holiday dinners I used to host. Not anymore. 1 maybe 2 others at most. She and her 2 Jack Russells are just about right! Yep, these days 1 other person is just about my limit. Then some quiet stitching. I love seeing your stitches Jude, I’m inspired. I made a quilt a few years ago with a black square in the centre of each block and which I now dislike so much. I’ve decided (inspired by your repairs) that I can remove the black squares as there is no quilting on those, replace them with a fabric I prefer! On to that now…

  12. Caro

    Bee is it for me.
    Stitched bees on my grandsons blanket. He was very interested at them as soon as he was able to hold his head up.
    So cool to see your quilt developing knowing a baby is soon to be there.

  13. Yes bird, but for me “b” would always be “boat” first. So many childhood summers living on the boat, and with that learning how to deal with “bored.” It’s not a word I use, I think because of my childhood. With people…yes tired. Part of that is how I spend my work days…lots of emotional energy used up. Build comes to mind, and beauty too. I am rambling this morning. 🙂 Brainstorming?

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