jude hill spirit cloth


And here we are.

Reminds me how Mom, in her oldest of age, used to call each morning and declare,

"I'm still here !"

the next phase

We came fairly near to a frost this early morning.

still life but not

Fuzz Face decided it was a bit chilly.  That's the tablecloth I made for Mom, she loved checks.  I backed it because it became so thin, quilting it in my spare time.  So many blackberry lily seeds,  going to spread them around when I go out to plant the garlic.arranged but still flowing

Today, A is for Arrangement.  here some loose patches arranged as blocks, but then blocks are for building.  And as I looked at these patchworks floating around, Adrift ? ,  in the Deep Pool of Thoughtsuddenly, arrangement took on new form,  an arrangement can be a component of a bigger arrangement.  Or stand on its own.  Or simply wait.   Composition.  I am beginning to consider them as something similar to a conversation.  And thinking, peace, takes time... like soup.

I think today is a soup soup day.


  1. Valerie

    « wordless conversation » Jude?
    How I would miss your words’ your thoughts your wisdom !
    What you share is golden! Believe it.
    And……just Thank you.

  2. I read “We came fairly near to a frost this early morning.” and immediately saw Soul-o’s face as a reaction to that. A little startle, a little disdain.

  3. Wendy

    I love how your basket of scraps are sitting on the perimeter of all those loose patches. Almost as though the scraps are deciding who will place themselves into your path so that you notice and then use them in a wonderful puzzle piece of patchwork.

  4. Carol Rookstool

    So many delightful thoughts today. Soul-O all tucked in; your Mother’s message, “I’m Still Here.” The prize for belly laughs goes to Judith who thought “Fuzz Face” might be the Man in the morning. I am still laughing .

  5. Judith

    I wasn’t sure at first if fuzz face was your Man in the morning or Soul-O until I saw the picture. When our cats sit like that we call them nicely folded. Black cats know they look good on red.

  6. Love the way Soul-o keeps the paws tucked under 🙂 And…oh your mom! I love your mom stories! I love the variety of these blocks, how there is the little A’s and the big one too…and a moon of course.
    Too hot here for soup. Someday. But, the mornings are cooler and today I had the honor of listening to the morning Hawks for a long while. Peace Soup sounds like a children’s book or maybe reminds me of Stone Soup 🙂

  7. sharon

    that fuzz face pic! LOL. such a strong presence he carries! talk about wordless conversation! how a basket of scraps becomes a pot of soup…

  8. Sarita

    Your alphabet quilt & blocks for building along with the words; arrangement, form, components, composition, conversations.
    Become my deep pool of thought:
    They all lead me to the thought of what we leave future generations. If we think of what we do & create & how it affects 7 generations out…& how the past 7 generations have affected us. Peace does take time. How are we planting seeds of peace for our future generations. An alphabet quilt is a lovely beginning..

    • Sarita~ I love these thoughts. I am always thinking about what we make & leave behind. When I saw the tablecloth, made for her mom, it reminded me of ALL of my own mother’s belongs that needed to find new homes. It was a lot. Thank you for your words today.

  9. Pam S.

    I’ve always been quiet so my conversations are mostly in my head … and I want to use your mother’s words for the little art quilt I’ve started “I’m still here” 💙

  10. Helen Lee

    I struggle with conversation these days….forgetting words and facts rendering me mute.
    Soup however I love and find easy…made a large pot of it early this morning 😋
    Arrangement… there’s an art to it.
    Enjoy your soup…

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