jude hill spirit cloth

good morning windows



Some are not afraid.

Mostly the young ones.

autumn inside.

morning on paper

A couple of gloriously warm days and now it has turned colder.

I will plant garlic and take a long walk in the forest. Get through A on the Alphabet Soup quilt, move on to B.

I have just added JAHcardz to the Glossary.

I have reopened the access to The Forever Zone in the shop,  but you must contact me directly to subscribe.  You can use the contact form here.  The world has become so strange, I really need to make contact in some way on this personal journey.  Thank you for your understanding.

I also have to update certain parts of this WordPress site, hopefully it will not fall apart.  You all know that if anything strange happens, I will resurface somewhere, somehow. ❤️

Have a good weekend.



  1. we have black capped titmice (titmouses?) down in Texas … they are always fun to watch, but especially when the littles have just fledged and are flittering around, yelling at their parents to “watch me, watch me!”

    your nine-patch in a circle in a window is a joy to behold with its windblown rainbow … or so it seems to me

  2. sharon

    the watercolors seem to emerge from the shadow on the left the way the sun breaks through on a crisp morning. love how the shapes come into focus within the drawn circle…

  3. Cj

    Tufted Titmouse have such adorable faces with their tiny crowns. I have often had they fly off with the squirrels whole shelled peanuts. How they fly with that! 😘 Excited for your “B!”

  4. Corinne

    Really loving everything you share with us. Good to take time to let each day unfold as it will. If you disappear for a bit, we will be here when you reconnect.

    The birds are precious. The colors of the paint and drawings are inspiring.

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