jude hill spirit cloth

The silence

meeting place

what came to mind

Yesterday , I met her again. An old wordless self that could sit for hours with paper and just go.  The before blogging self that drew almost every day, just for my Self. the one that could make any moment a picture.

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  1. sharon

    children seem to have that gift… to “make any moment a picture”. somehow, your child self has survived ‘n thrived all these years. i see her in your smile, jude. a gift from your mom, perhaps? as well as the gift of teaching. so grateful for u.

    • jude

      somehow holding on to joy is a bit childlike isn’t it? maybe because it gets diluted so easily by all the enticing artificial joys that lure us as adults.

  2. Wendy

    This the season for warming oneself beside a fire. Your fire has given my muse thoughts of the coming season of cold that needs the warmth of the fire to feed the soul.

  3. Before reading I thought this might be a sketch for a possible quilt. I love that it turns out to be a connection of selves.

    Do you see cloth and imagine drawing, or see drawing and imagine cloth, or both, or neither? I tend to see drawing (any imagery, really) as cloth, or how it could be/become cloth, but then, I have never done much drawing–even as a child. I always preferred collage or 3D creating, scissors and paste over pencil and paintbrush, clay over crayon.

    • jude

      IT Depends really but mostly they stand on their own, unless I intentionally want to see one become another. They are equal in my love for them.

  4. megan

    Beautifully stated, and a great reminder. I’ve found her in me too. I thought she was lost. I spend every evening after dinner chores with my hands on paper, markers, and pencils. I get lost in it, thankfully.

  5. Kristin F

    What pure delight to see the rendering of yours as you revisit the “drawing” self. A wonderful treat to spend time with, viewing and savoring your return to hours with pencils. Thanks for sharing your journeys with us.

  6. Tania

    Dear Jude, I am usually a silent observer of your work. I look forward to my Feel Free emails that open up to my (almost) daily treat of you. Your words and word play, your observations, your drawings, your stitching, and the openness with which you share your process are appreciated deeply.
    I am continuously inspired by you. And tonight I would simply like to say THANK YOU.

  7. SO inspiring. Facets come to mind. Part of your incredible whole. It would be an honor to build a fire. The coming together in this simple way is missing in my life at the moment.

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