jude hill spirit cloth

My softened Reality

Truthfully, I have no agenda here...

Not really possible

because I can't really keep track.   I somehow had this video, which I probably meant to post, but here it is,   from here, if you forgot too.

Just, just going as needed. I suppose I don't need to mend. But it make me feel better about a lot of things.

good enough


We are expecting a big rain storm here, wind is kicking up, so Hey Ho.


  1. Brenda

    Love this mending video. I love to mend, and somehow the item becomes precious afterwards. Thanks for sharing… I can see a plaid has its own agenda in the scheme of things.

  2. It’s my weekend! Mending is on the to-do list, we shall see what ends up on the ta-da list (thanks for that one Hazel)! 🙂 Possibility of record highs here but also smoke in the air again.

  3. Susan Crowley

    It’s lovely to think of broken things as soft and yielding instead of hard and brittle. That’s why I love fabric. Thanks, again, for sharing.

  4. Nancy Beaumont

    Hello, I’m in England, it’s been a wonderful autumn day here in the midlands. I’m struggling right now, your messages and this video ground and calm me, thank you

  5. Vi

    After a day of just about hanging onto the coat tails of Calmness..watching this video tonight has brought back the quiet once again.
    Needed to repair…thanks.

  6. Judy

    Thanks for this inspiration. I have several socks waiting to be mended. Hold tight during the rain. Some areas of Nova Scotia are still without power 2 weeks after Hurricaine Fiona blew through.

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