jude hill spirit cloth


stitching by lamplight before sleeping.  I imagine it might be like a good book.

I stitched before bed, slept through the rain which was very much enough. And I couldn't describe the beauty of this day if I tried.

view from the edge of the forest



Some days are just this simple.

a little bit of simple


  1. Louise

    I have a room filled with cloth of many colours, buttons, beads and broken jewellery. It’s where I like to sew if not outdoors, and the room has a big Copper Beech tree right outside that my dad planted many years ago. In autumn, the room and the tree feel like one beautiful warm space. I creep in there when my world gets too much for me.

  2. Ksozgirl

    “Earth’s crammed with heav’n
    Every common bush afire with God
    But only he who sees takes off his shoes .”
    – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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