jude hill spirit cloth

B coming

season is like a thread which is like a path through changeFrom further down the path.

We did make a path to the stone wall behind the house and the along the wall  which turns into the stream and then through the forest at its thickest point. We basically cleared brush and then used the clearing to walk everyday to keep it clear.  Today evidence of  transition is more apparent.  Soon there will be the longer view I look forward to.

golden days

bright, bold, beast

Early this morning, I thought, if I were to make another Alphabet quilt,  I have a feeling a lot of loose patches would just come together.

To the Zone


  1. Kristin F.

    that just one small piece of fabric, a few stitches thinking is what gets me to a place of seeing possibilities in the collected bits. No big plans, just to keep going.
    I love the view of the land adjacent to your home….autumnal beauty today

  2. sharon

    an alphabet quilt interwoven with your personal language of stitchery, like a picture glossary, could be fun… b is for a basted, back-stitched beast in a bird robe… ha1

  3. Pam S.

    I feel lighter seeing your post … my dad passed away. I woke up a little before I got the call from my sister in Arkansas at 2am this morning.

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