jude hill spirit cloth


busy B-ing

Patchwork, in Perspective.  I feel a sense of simple joy coming on.  I think it is because I am just looking at everything from a new angle.

the tee shirt basket

Just in from the garden. Because it is a very warm and beautiful October.


  1. Helen Lee

    Simple joy…one of the best things. Your garden produce 😍 Just finished mending one pair of jeans…loved doing it so much…wearing them now…yay.

  2. personally feeling pretty nervous: house-extension, son flying off to Uganda for 3 months, builders about the house, constant upheaval, so your mail in my inbox was a most welcome diversion, joy is contagious!

  3. Deborah

    Very nice. And I love the “perspective” square! A little different than what I’ve seen before. (Gives me a different perspective!)

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