jude hill spirit cloth

Small Paper

holding a little self

a note to the Forever Zoners...


So,  how it just  is  sometimes, when you wake up and you can't seem to breath because you are allergic to something and nobody seems to know what, and it's raining and you forgot to take the quilt off the clothesline and it's still dark so you just leave it. And you think who am I?

That big question in such a small moment.

And you think, well, I am small.

And you make a small stray self, not in cloth but on paper. because it is faster and you you just want to hold yourself.

As small.  As useful.

self as a thread-bearer

Scale can be a useful change of perspective.  Shrink yourself down.


  1. Susan Parker

    I love this—-I immediately thought of my small wood basket of worry people. I’ve had it for many years, I believe it’s from South America.

    I want a “me” cat to hold. I will make one with red hair and dark green eyes like my younger self. She can hold special thread treasures.
    Thank you for such a wonderful idea.

  2. Jana

    Today, I am a thread holder. So many things I can do with that role! I REALLY love the idea of a cut-out small self that I can hold. Better than looking at a favorite photograph of self; a hold-able self. A slip-me-under-my-pillow self. A prop-up-against-my-teacup-and-visit-with-me self. Oh. Joy. Thanks for this, Jude.
    You are A-MAZING.

  3. June Etta Chenard

    Feeling small and often having to catch my breath these days, too. So many reasons why. I love this, too, Jude, and feel it embodies your spirit. ❤️

  4. Fauna

    I like how you created such a personal task for your small self – holding thread, which is essential to/for you. And thank you for the reminder to draw more small simple bits too.

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