jude hill spirit cloth

Mothering is a process

continued from here.

The Mother Ring

A lot like stitching. This one is so so thin, but yet so strong.  Stitch can bring a sense of breath.

to the Forever Zone...


  1. Caro

    I could look at this cloth forever. The color, the texture (that i imagine), the story, the love and care that you give to it to make it into what it is.
    Thank you for your amazing work, for your continues sharing.

  2. Susan Crowley

    You are an amazing talent. You are as much an artist with your words as with your stitching. Thank you for sharing with us. Always inspiring. ❤️

    • jude

      It’s good to know that words can be that from me, my english teacher never thought so. It became easier theough blogging and community here, I spent a good part of my life without any.

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