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After a bigger rain

Good Morning...


It's very very humid this morning. It rained, wow, it rained.  The river is roaring and a lot of the tall stuff in the garden fell over.  I cleared some of this clover from the path. Also noticed a new family of gophers, so we'll see how long the garden lasts.


Finished up some details on the Mother Rhythm before bed. Funny how this cloth has the feel of a more traditional needlework, I think because of the old linen base and how it made me feel.  A bit nostalgic I think. For a simpler time.

what if?

If I had more of these linen napkins, I would make this into the center of a nine patch,  using this as a puzzle piece.  That might work so nicely.  But I don't.

to the Zone

As a note to self, and now you, I suddenly considered not blogging in the last few days,  maybe just concentrating on the Forever Zone,  quietly going in close company,  out of the public "eye". It's been so long, I am weary and honestly, both things are too much.  Too much time at the computer puts so much strain on my eyes and mind.  Bigger plans have melted away.  And so, really, I think that is where I am headed.  Just figuring out a way there. I will publish a Newsletter when I get things sorted out. 


  1. beth

    Well it’s obvious we all love you and alot. All these comments are a big affirmation that you do impact the world thru your expressions (tangible and intangible). But please do feel obligated to show up because others will feel let down, or miss you, or whatever. We are in our 70’s and life is growing to it’s natural closure. Please, think of your self first here. If you are tired, rest. Do something different? go do it. There is a university of knowledge and wisdom imbedded in this website that will still likely be available after you bow out. Plenty for us all to ponder and utilize.
    Hearts to you and all around you. Thank you for all you give and express.

  2. Judy

    I reiterate what’s been said. This has to be a lot to manage and I understand your desire to reduce your committment. Whatever you can offer, say, photos…are always so appreciated but you have to listen to your body. Thanks Jude, I’m here for the long run too, will always look for you.

  3. Victoria Witte

    I love how you snuck that stitching underneath the embroidered flower on the napkin. It makes it look very flower like. Sneaky vines are especially unexpected winding themselves underneath and around stealthily and silently.

    I would miss your blog immensely, but can certainly understand that it does become a time sink and an obligation which moves it out of the “and interesting thing to do” to the “chore” category.

    You need to do whatever is best for you and everyone else should just adjust their expectations.

  4. Joanne in Maine

    Whatever you decide…but I come here because it is peaceful. Your quiet stitch, voice, cloth……and now garden.

  5. We all have to find what works for each of us. 🙂 I know that my attempt at two blogs to separate interests was too much for me, as is anything more than a few photos and a sentence or two some weeks . Sending love…

  6. Louise

    That red clover! Takes me back to being a child on sunny summer days, sucking out the sweetness at the base of each petal.

  7. I agree with you, Grace, others…things can be too much, but can be simplified too. One pic, no comments & a moon link. It is enough. ❤️

  8. sharon

    what grace said. the blog can ebb ‘n flow with u. here a little. there a little. whatever comes forth. just the possibility that u might share a thought or an image here is enough. it gives hope.

  9. Our “antique” stores around here have linen napkins at low prices. I have to stay away from them because I want to rescue the linens and I’m not currently using them.

    Blogging takes a lot of energy – I just post once or twice a week, and it is an effort.

  10. Dhyana

    Dear Jude,
    I am very happy to have found you.. just in time it seems. My priorities too have changed greatly with getting older – 69. I thought I wanted to make my own clothes, hand stitching, basking in blissful simplicity.
    But although I have the knowledge of fashion design, I no longer have the focus and patience and desire for patternmaking. So here I am.. .. in true awe and wonder of your work and sensibilities.

    • I understand and can relate, 66 years old, wanted to design/create clothing and yes I’ve shifted. Love simple stitching like when I was a young kid, grew up with it as my relax, meditative go to. A saving grace on certain occasions.

    • I understand and can relate, 66 years old, wanted to design/create clothing and yes I’ve shifted. Love simple stitching like when I was a young kid, grew up with it as my relax, meditative go to. A saving grace on certain occasions.

  11. o, eee…..What if you just made the blog very very simple. What if it could be maybe just a single pic. a single thought. ? or….what if it were just audio?, that single thought? unless you just felt like Flowing,
    i think of all the people who have just arrived here and more, even, of
    those who have yet to find you but will…
    there needs to be these islands of Goodness in the world right now,

  12. Victoria

    I am new to your words and insights and do not usually follow someone daily. I too, am a gardener, artist, instructor and feel like I am getting to know a kindred spirit. Your words, your photos, your art are all an inspiration and textiles are calling, yet other medium are holding me back. I truly appreciate you sharing your world and the energy you send out to us all. Victoria

  13. Laurie

    I understand. I often wonder how you do all this with social media and still get your art and gardening done. We’ll still love you if you slow it down. Self care is more important.

  14. Nancy D

    I wondered how you could keep up with all the comments, answering almost all! Even I backed away. Rather addictive all these wonderful observations. I must get back to stitching my poppet!

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