jude hill spirit cloth

living with process…

Looking here. Looking has become quite an activity.  Or, really, just passing by. Humming to myself.

The back of one cloth over another.  Some scrap over that.

the not so feral boy, companion

And now Grow over that.  Sometimes I just live with this, forgetting about what might be underneath, for a long time.  Maybe forever.  Moving through days as needed.

I drew some lines with a sharpie.  I pinned some cutouts.  But mostly I don't know. What if it is just ok?

The illusion, in finishing ( anything) has become clearer these days.


  1. That back of long-ago stories is wonderful. The eyes look so different today. I wonder what will happen with all of the unfinished when I’m finished? maybe it’s about the joy of going in the moment?

  2. Dhyana

    Dear Jude,
    Sparkle and shine .. the center is brilliant !
    I’d be humming too .. the fabric piece looks similar to my Fireplace #2 that I just got from threadcrumbs……
    Now I understand how I could use it as a base !!
    ps – your cat ears line up photo – Cats Rule.

    • jude

      Yes, those dyed hankies have lots of possibilities. So easy to stitch thru when layered with another soft cloth.
      Cats. Always.

  3. There’s something exciting about the red piece with scraps. It’s unfinished nature, I think. As for the garden, at this point I always have to acknowledge I have very little say in how it goes from here. That makes it much more relaxing. I just help it along as I can.

  4. sharon

    how freeing to realize we can choose our own “finish line”. which can then become a starting point at another time. or not. infinite potential is a beauty-full thing. a circle. the bottom pic looks like a big eyeball with a star pupil!

  5. Just going with things the way you like ’em…what could be nicer. I love the grow cloth (you know that), today the eyes give such dimension, like the center of many a kind of flower…teeny bits of texture.
    Likewise, the back, ragged pieces, beloved cat…still life of a good life.
    Finished? Who knows. I added another word to the word cloth, which I already know will not be finished until I run out of room…or words. Ha
    Have a lovely Wednesday in your green world. we are hot today, heat warnings and such.

  6. Sarita A

    I like where this piece is leading.
    I get your illusion!
    I never know when my paintings are finished…I’m always looking, new thoughts forming, seems to always be in process.

  7. That is one fabulous back! 🙂 The cats keep bringing me things…half finished projects, thank goodness without threads and needles.

    Your post today reminds me of what I have settled on for the garden which is: “I will never get to everything I want to so I just need to enjoy the time I have to be in the garden and accept that it will be what it is.” Of course the neighbors may have a different opinion…

    • jude

      I’ve been think8ng a lot qbout a garden “should” be, look like…yes, I agree, no one can really see mine. I stopped cutting the grass except where I need to move through. And so many things didn’t grow, and it looks ratty after the heavy rain and the weeds are blooming!

  8. Pam S.

    I really love what you’ve made with the indigo dyed flower cloth piece, and the eyes just bring it all together 💙💙💙👍🏻

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