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Walking through the forest yesterday, suited up to battle ticks and flying things.  It's been humid and wet, less human friendly lately.

The paths are overgrown, the green is thick, and the water that spills through the stone wall to the adjoining property,  it is indeed forming  a pond-like environment.

I am going to ask the neighbors to stop riding through on their ATV, an arrangement we made during winter, with my permission, to give the boy an activity during deep covid stress.   He is tearing up the land too much.  The land that wants to change and be home to many new creatures. I am sure they will understand.

Beyond the pool that collects under the fallen tree,  there is a low spot, with water now, and frogs!  And snakes!  And new birds. I drew an arrow, below...  couldn't get any closer without walking in mud.

The lowest spot on the land here.

It is filling but it will probably take forever.

Or maybe not. The pic, not that clear, I was swatting flies.

I thought these eyes would take forever,  I spent most of yesterday stitching,  switching from the wrap style stitch back into split back stitch with a single strand, splitting hairs I call it,  the eyes are so small, it really makes the detail more exact.  It is getting harder on my eyes, this fine work.  And the thumb on my cloth holding hand is very arthritic, so I switch to a hoop now and then.

Now I want to call split backstitch with a single strand, the splitting hairs,  the Forever Stitch.


  1. Wendy

    Love all that lush green. Raining here this week again with thunderstorms and wind. The humidity is so high that the mosquitoes are out in abundance.

  2. Cj

    I was thinking of all the eyes in the forest on you. 😏 So that’s the split stitch many write about. ONE strand. Oh! OK then!

  3. Enough eyes there to take everything in. Eye cloths seem to have so much power. You’ve got me wondering about the growing piercing pain in my left pinky, the least used finger I was thinking… but maybe it’s from cloth holding?

    • jude

      Yeah, I totally thought it would be my stitching hand, but my holding hand just aches. I never noticed how hard it works.

  4. Wyonne Bucheit

    your home sounds like a paradise. I love it all but not snakes. snakes and dentists are my phobias. I was for born July 2 1941. the year of the snake maybe that is why I detest the vehicles you mentioned hurry for neighbors that understand

    • jude

      I don’t like snakes but I think they are wonderful. Don’t like ATVs either, was just trying to be kind. They have agreed and all is well. I told them they can walk through to the hiking trails beyond.

  5. Jen

    Your woods, the secret spots…and your stitched eyes, so lovely!
    ATVs– gotta say; I am NOT a fan
    Hope it can be resolved companionably!

  6. sharon

    the star… many “points of view” radiating outward. such a gift to have a screened porch in the midst of all that greeeeeeeen! and at night, moon shadows!

  7. jeri

    Land! I finally will have my own to call home soon. Half woods and half open to the sun, 4 acres total up on a hill with a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains but within 5 minutes of civilization.
    I am beyond excited, relieved and happy beyond words! August 5th is closing.
    My hips have been acting up recently so I’ll be sitting and stitching for awhile, back to moms quilt and looking forward to not having to be in the car so much!

  8. Nancy D.

    I love how Nature repairs and renews…or disguises… the marks of Man. There is an old rusty boat down in the Woods by the lake where I wander. Whereas in Winter, the rusted boat lies naked for all to see, in the Spring and Summer, green-growing vines cover it. Poof! It’s gone!
    Lovely stitching, Jude.

  9. Joanne in Maine

    Out behind the house and land that we live on- is a place like you pictured. Wet, and swampy and green with ferns. Also many many insects. We often looked but never saw snakes. The ground is not fertile. Was used by the Navy long ago for bomb dropping practice. They dropped bags of “something”………..The end of the long runway from the closed Navy base is very very close. Underground spaces. Bomb shelters? Who knows. No trespassing signs that are rusted………..

  10. Caro

    I love those eyes and since i am mending my nightgown i think i might add some on there.
    Thank you for making me see 🙂

  11. Love the pond forming. Green is such a hopeful thing for me. Tenacity. Home today to work in the garden, planting seeds and cleaning up around the blueberries and the poor gooseberry about to be eaten by the blackberries… Love your eye-seeds.

  12. Anita

    Seeing this waterfull part of your land fills my heart. I truly hope the neighbors cooperate. I had a neighbor once who wanted to ride his atv through my property who tried to tell me that the destruction his tires made wouId cause the mosses to grow faster. Imagine! It got unpleasant.(I was happy when he moved on) I love the pattern you have created with all the eyes. I admire your patience. 🙂

  13. Vi

    You draw wonderful word-pictures..it all comes alive.
    And those eyes…I can just see them dancing in the forest on some crazy night!

  14. Jana

    An endless dance: stewardship of land, especially land near our domiciles.

    Those eyes are so darn captivating! Once you make an eye, it starts seeing and you are drawn to look back.

    Thank you for sharing. I’m massaging my hands on behalf of your hands.

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