jude hill spirit cloth

How it might go

The porch repair has changed the view, from outside, there is more through.  The gutter has made a big change in the erosion.  The flowers I did not plant always surprise me the most.

porchsideThe new eyes I am planting on the cloth I call Grow, they form so slowly.  Just wait, I mumble to myself.

I seed you

The actual garden has far outpaced the one I imagine myself to be.


Tomatoes do well here. I planted some seeds. Plants have popped up everywhere, from compost I guess.



I leave you with birdsong.


Peppers do not do have not done well here.  One of the roof guys, Jimmy, a local, gave me 2 pepper plants. After I offered him a few clay watering spikes.  I battled slugs and things, even going out at night with a flashlight, to pick the bugs off. Ha!


  1. I love to hear the warblers, we used to have them here but its rare to hear them the last couple of years. I think there has been too much destruction of the habitat so many new homes have been built, so many people wiping out the insects with mosquito spraying and so many old trees have been destroyed. I grieve the loss and try to treasure every time I do hear them.

  2. Jacqui

    Your lupins remind me of the picture book, Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney. Maybe you are the Miss Rumphius of the quilting world Jude!

  3. Nice lupine! I had a huge patch of it in front of the old studio… then it dwindled and now I have none. Need to replant a few and start the cycle anew, I guess. And, Wood Thrush song is one of my faves! I have Hermit Thrushes here more than Wood Thrush, but both are such amazing songs.

    • jude

      The lupine seems to move each season, this the first time it has bloomed nearby since I moved here.
      Yes, the song is so haunting. So nany here this year…

  4. Dhyana

    Hi Jude,
    How the big blue star ? Is the background undyed ?
    So many eyes sparkling like stars .. stars in your eyes ..

  5. I love to read your writing everything is so simple so beautiful!
    Thank you so much for the birds song!!! I love to listen to bird songs it is soo soothing!!! Enjoy your beautiful surprise flowers they are the best!

  6. Wendy

    The lupine are glorious and the birdsong is so lovely. I have been sitting on the veranda late at night around 2:00 ish in the morning really, listening to a very happy tune being sung at night. He starts around 11:30pm and sings until right before dawn. Yes, I’ve caught him singing at all hours of the night. So relaxing and soothing to hear night songs.

  7. Corinne

    The eyes are wonderful. The lupines are glorious and the skylights will make winter a new great place to be.. Soul-O will have sunny spots to sit in.

  8. Look at your skylights! Yay! The green of your world and wild growing is so beautiful. Do you know the name of the flowers? They’re wonderful.
    What is it about birdsong that can make one instantly happy? The lightness, the trill…the joy!

  9. The porch with sky in it!

    This year I’m trying peppers on a container on the porch. We handpicked slugs, it seemed to reduce the population after a few days. Everything seems slow except the garden which is fast. I can’t keep up, I’m going to rest and listen to birdsong.

  10. Jeri

    I love the garden tips! I put a small container garden in a horse trough this year. My lot has very little sun so I also planted things in pots and move the pots as the sun moves. Desperate times! 🤣
    Love all the eyes!

  11. Judith Stadler

    I saw a documentary on Queen Elizabeth’s gardens last night. She doesn’t allow synthetic pesticides to be used. Apparently a cure for aphids (on the many spectacular roses) is to water with dissolved garlic powder. The gardener said the garlic smell disappears in about a day and for any remaining aphids, lady bugs are the solution because aphids are their food. I wonder if the garlic powder water would work for other insect pests?

  12. R. Nemo Hill

    I listened to your birdsong in concert with own coming in the open window.
    Sweet peppers don’t do well up here either, they and eggplant usually need to be grown in a pot on a porch.

  13. I was so surprised with how well the pepper plants I tried did last year. I planted more this year. I don’t know though, still cool. Loved listening to your birds, different than here.

  14. Slugs…I gather them with orange peels….they love it and easy picking that way!
    Let the flowers grow slowly on your cloth
    Love from rainy Netherlands

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