jude hill spirit cloth

I am who I am. You?

the book, Inner Studio by Andrew Levitt, I love his reference to the "built world"

note to self while making coffee.

Only 2 folks unfollowed me here yesterday.  I guess, then, most of you know me by now.  And since you are still here, you might only know me better. Thank You.

a bit fuzzy, I was moving too fast...

when you don't mow the lawn

to the Zone

I think comments will simply be closed here for a while, after today, but I am here.


  1. Monica Jo

    I can’t live in the woods right now, so I live through your eyes a little bit. And your beautiful, thoughtful stitching keeps me on track with my own art practice. I’m here for the duration.

  2. Jeanne

    Jude…You are a gem of a person and I love the you that you are. I agree with others in that you are so generous to not only share your unique spirit, but your gift with cloth and stitching with us. I often wish I could be as profound as you. ..and gifted, which is why I will always be here, to learn to be more like the you that I love. Peace with you always.

  3. victoria

    Well, I will miss your frequent posts. But having said that I think you should do what works best for you. Frequent posting can start out to be an interesting thing to do but often becomes an obligation that you feel toward your readers, and for you just becomes a time sink and “chore”.

    You take care of yourself and everyone else can just adjust their expectations.

  4. Joanne in Maine

    If I visit and there is something new- wonderful. If I visit and you are taking time away- there are years of posts to read again……… I can entertain myself….and so can all the others…while you rest.

  5. Joan Hinchcliff

    I’m here whenever you are and that’s just fine with me. I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and put too much on our plate, at least I know I do. I admire you for recognizing the need to step back and I’m with others, whatever you share with the rest of us is a gift!

  6. Alison TS

    I thought about starting my blog back up, I only ever posted a picture a heading and a line or two. It was a visual diary of where I was in my life back then. But life gets in the way. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”
    When I get overloaded and overwhelmed I withdraw to my centre . That quiet still place of calm. Its a gift to yourself. You deserve it x

  7. Anita

    Everything you share has always felt like it comes from your heart. You should share with us when it feels happy. It’s one of those times when less can be more. Namaste

  8. Unfollow?? I had to reread yesterday to see what I missed and came away with no better understanding. I haven’t read all the comments today, but enough to figure out it was apparently because you don’t plan to post in two places every day. Boggles me. (When I stopped following years ago, it wasn’t because I decided to. Life just got in the way.)

    I had to double click the cloth photo. That little scrap on the circle/moon looks like a worm or grub or something. I love it!

  9. Mary

    Jude, take a break, we are always here. Love to check in with you & your doings (or not doings, just beings). A life shared – you are so generous.

  10. Celia Wilson

    Dear Jude
    It’s fine for me to say “I know you are there, even if I don’t open the email” but it is a burden for you to have to keep going when sometimes we just want to stop and rest. At the moment, I am just thinking about and planning the next book I can bind and the next lino cut I have to make as I promised I would. I just cannot get into the doing mode right now. We all need space at times. I’m 76 and my husband says, you don’t have to do it, just have a rest! But I feel guilty, which I know is the wrong thought.
    Love your comment about standing up straight. All the best, it will be OK. Love.

  11. Dear you, you will change your mind. many times and that’s good.
    i think taking a break from response to comments will give some
    BIG love….

  12. Margaret Denmann

    I have been following you quietly for many years and love checking in regularly….part of my day especially in retirement.

  13. Chez

    I have followed you for years Jude, I don’t contribute very often. I feel more centred after looking at the world through your eyes. Thank you dear one.

  14. Carla

    I appreciate that you show up. How often you show up is up to you not someone else. Those of us who just want “to go” with you will still be here when you do. Life is too short to feel pressured. I can’t have a garden because the chipmunks eat everything so I enjoy looking at pictures of yours.

    • Jenny

      I always look forward to your posts – and if you have some times when you need your own time, I am happy for you to do that. I always check to see if you have something to show and tell us.
      Thank you for all the years of sharing. Xx

  15. Pat Cooper

    There is absolutely no reason you owe us a post every day – we do the best we can with what we have, sort of like reusing cloth. I am a recent follower and I find your posts delightful. Perhaps they just needed a break or needed to clear out their inbox. Anyway, their loss.

  16. Yep still here. Just watching and listening from Oz. I lay in bed later now after entering a suddenly cold Arctic winter and read your email of the day, it’s the first and starts the day on a happy note.

  17. Rene Walkin

    Ha Ha Jude-good one! Well I think that those of us that are kindred spirits will be here until we start pushing up daisies!!!

  18. Caro

    I am here and will be! And i thank you for all you do.
    I get the “not posting every day” or even in two places. I have written to you about that (i think or just thought about it a lot??) I dont always manage to read all the replys or answer every day. Sometimes
    (often) i have to think for a while. Usually there is a new post before i can reply, so i dont. I guess i am too slow :-).
    What does it mean “two folks unfollowed”? Did not answer? ? Or signed out?
    Well anyway, i love that you are here.
    I like your work and your words and thoughts.
    I think of them a lot while crawling around in my garden.
    Thank you Jude! and be good to yourself,
    your body, your mind and your soul.

  19. Peggy McG

    So sorry about your back pain..! Nothing worse than not being able to stand up straight! I bought walking sticks just so I dont walk hunched over. But first thing in the morning is always a challenge to straighten the back.. hope the therapy helps. This cloth over the book is awesome! Like a little caterpillar in his cocoon. Tell us more about the book! When ever.. no rush.. we are here.

    • Peggy McG

      Sorry Jude, I mixed up your words with the comment from Cednie about back pain.
      If by stand up straight you mean take a stand for what you believe in, I like that!

  20. Stand up straight – ha! A bout of worsening back pain required me to take action (literally). After Physical Therapy and therapeutic massage I have a handle on it. But still feels unnatural. That’s me 🙂

  21. Like others, I am here for the long haul, and I mean that in a most positive way. You are a bright spot in my days. If you take a little time off, I will look for what I missed, or want to re-read and explore. You are an inspiration in many ways and I thank you.

  22. Jude, I love your posts. They have taught me so much not only about creativity & making, but about ways to express or at least think about the process. I’ll miss your daily posts, but you can always pick them up again if you want to. I honor & respect your desire to simplify, to slow down. Your intuitions about this have been emerging over time. Sometimes one just has to listen to oneself. Know that you are loved whatever you decide to do.

  23. Valerie

    I hope I am not considered one of the non followers but I live in France and not on your time zone. I look for you every day and always find the love and caring that you so freely offer. After all the years hearing your voice it is difficult to imagine it silenced. But I have saved everything and there is no silencing wisdom through grace. It is all hidden in my heart. It is a « forever thing « . You are forever, whatever you decide. Just thank you.

  24. Cj

    Sometimes things need a good dusting. I say go for more free time and movement. You need to be out playing on your porch. Oh standing tall. He tells me to suck in my stomach, hold, and release for harder abs. I laugh at him!

  25. lisa thomson-author

    I’ve been a blogger for a decade now and i’m only inclined to post once a month or so at this point. I turned off my ‘unsubscriber’ notifications because it used to be that I would get a few people unsubscribing right after I wrote a new post. I took it personally of course. But now if I don’t know when one unsubscribes, I’m less likely to care. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, here or there? Anyway, I LOVE how honest you are in your writings and your cloth.

  26. Barbara

    I enjoy all your posts and you have become a part of my daily journey. What ever you need to do to take care of yourself is great with me.
    “I am me. You are you, we are all together”
    Wild strawberries are groundhog food around here.

  27. carroleb

    I will be away for the summer, up north with very little service (yay)
    I can go and sit at the local laundromat, and check in with the world from time to time.
    I have a lovely journal with all my notes of wisdom from you, and will stitch away at the lake.
    Have a lovely summer full of strawberries and garden treats.
    Kitten kisses for Soul O

  28. Marti

    Over the many years, whether you scale it up or down, we are here. What keeps me coming here is simple: the on-going conversation that encompasses so much: the connective sharing of knowledge, sharing of a life, your kindness and generosity in sharing your knowledge and your wondrous creativity, the joy that is felt in your giving, your sense of humor and no nonsense wit.

    This your place: whether the gate is open wide, open just a couple of inches, or shut, doesn’t matter BECAUSE you matter and have for a very long time. If you never post another word, it will still be fine for all that you have given to all of us.

    • Deb VZ

      You have said so well Marti….my thoughts exactly. I am just so very grateful for all Jude has provided over the years.

  29. Mimmi in NS

    I am silent here but sometimes your posts just centre me a bit. Yours is one always gently spoken but clear and true. I would miss you. Mimmi in NS

  30. I feel like, after a decade of being here, a lot of us sit with you to join you, not to stare at you and expect anything except what you feel like sharing. And we are honored for the exchanges. You aren’t here to serve us. <3

    • Jana

      Oh, Jess. Beautifully said. Just sitting with Jude. Thank you, Jude. This space of sitting together, sharing, watching, witnessing, doing/undoing, appreciating … so dear. Thank you.

    • Irene

      Perfectly expressed Jess. I’ve been here for a decade too, seeing work that moves me profoundly. Jude, thank you for your creativity, deep and long looking, connection, compassion, generous spirit,
      sharing, wisdom and joy. You light up my mornings here in the foothills of the Otway Ranges, Victoria, Australia and I’ll stay grateful for whatever works best for you.

  31. Liz

    I had wild strawberries in my last house that rampaged throughout the garden. I remember the year my now-16-year-old worked out that the strawberries formed where the flowers had been, so he decided to eat all the flowers in the hopes that they’d taste as good as the fruit. They didn’t, but it didn’t stop him eating all the ones he could reach!

  32. Corinne

    Always glad to be here with you and kindred spirits. It is always a glistening, quiet meditation. What falls away is ok, like leaves drifting off an autumn tree.

  33. deb

    I say that to myself ten times a day. This is day one of doing it without pain!
    I think a good many decent people were busy elsewhere on the webs yesterday. I know I was. Fresh breezes and blue skies this morning. Good signs.

    • jude

      dad used to say that. stand. then lift your chest just a bit more. feel it and breathe.
      we are all so busy. I am considering how to be happy with less busy. I can be creative without a sense of busy. I remember it from a simpler time.

      • Jeri

        Ohmygosh you gotta do what you gotta do!
        That’s a great way to start winding down, start with the comments. Personally I would still visit to see what you have to say… but I’m also in the Forever Zone.

        I can’t wait to get my land! I want to plant raspberry and blueberry bushes! Might be feeding the birds but I want to try.

  34. Kristin

    Jude, to unfollow my friend, Jude was/is not a consideration. The Rocky ups and downs of life are for each of us a picture of the story we’re writing every day. The very special gift from you for ever so many years is your gift of sharing stories, thoughts, ideas, photos and recordings that openly, freely show us you. Those blessings are not expected, but when they’re in my mailbox it’s time to sit and enjoy another visit.
    Looking forward to whatever you share, whenever.🪅🌟🥳💖💖💖

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