jude hill spirit cloth


for miles

Imagine if it was possible to actually use every last scrap here, how big a cloth would it be?

for scale

How tiny my scraps of self are becoming.

for lunch

Enough for lunch, everyday for a while now.

One way or another, I will attempt to use  most of what is here in terms of piles of cloth.  It amazes me that I mostly did not buy any of it.   It is amazing how things can be given new life.  Sometimes by just noticing.

The garden is looking a bit scrappy at this point. I need to get at it and tidy it up a bit. I pick the tomatoes a bit early so the little beasts don't get them, they ripen in a day or so but really I like them a bit green as well.  It has rained but not really enough. The kale and beets I planted are up and thriving.  The chard is going strong.  There is a coyote hanging around in the evening.  Looking from the forest.  I talk to him.  Not sure why.  Not very aggressive, just looking.  Listening.  Maybe he comes to drink when it gets darker.  The streams are dry. I have put a water tub  out near the forest path.  I never let Soul-o out at night.  He is content on the screened in porch. Watching the night things. He has his own little door.


  1. I often think the same thing, re using All The Fabric. I already know that I probably don’t have enough years of life left to use all of it. It’s a sobering thought. How transient we are.

  2. I had a lot of fun “framing” patches of Deb’s cloth in-between natural linen squares, the better to highlight her artistry … I can well-imagine a checkerboard of your moon patches

    tomatoes, feta and olives sound like a wonderful combination … a few years ago I found my way to green Castelvetrano olives, but more recently they have changed, now much less firm with an off-taste … discouraging how one can find something to like and then have it disappear or morph into something less desirable

    we did a second planting of tomatoes in mid-summer … and now it appears that one of the plants is bearing plum tomatoes of some kind (not what we chose) … still they will be good to oven-roast and freeze for winter cooking … of course, they will surely ripen while we are traveling … ha!

    my but I’m chatty this morning

    • jude

      Framing does highlight.
      I just found a lot of puzzle pieces. so many puzzles, which one shall i choose.
      I was never one for olives until I visited the Mediterranean, somehow they are raised to another level there.

  3. Lea Vollmer

    Just love your little piles of scraps! So much potential there. We had a fox in our neighborhood recently – spotted him/her when I went out to walk the dog. He didn’t seem too concerned about us and eventually trotted off. Skunks however have been everywhere – really have to watch out for them at night when we take the dog out – they like to hide in the drainage pipe under our driveway.

  4. Joanne in Maine

    I am bringing in a handful of orange cherry tomatoes like the ones in your hand–every other day. And the larger varieties are taking longer to ripen but I have time……….garden was slow this year.

  5. We had an inch of rain last night. It will give the garden a final boost, I think. I trimmed down the summer squash (too much of it) and pulled up some dead cucumber vines. The tomatoes are phasing out. Sad to see them go. We hear coyotes at night but I don’t see them. Your scraps are delicious.

  6. Lynne Watson

    So I had 4 yellow squash coming on the vine, then I dug near it to replace the root ball of my lemongrass, and I disturbed the bottom of the squash plant. the baby squashes immediately rotted…oh well, planting fall greens. But I got a huge amount of lemongrass, and saved it in all its states…leaves, sticks, and inner soft parts. Wonderful tea.

    • jude

      yeah, I think large scale growing is the major problem, a plant or two, even in a pot, with produce a lot, even enough to freeze. The little grape tomatoes were so productive. two plants, hundreds. In the freezer.

      • I 2 grow grape tomtoes the first plant being a volunteer from Costco that started growing in a potted poinsettia. 4 years later they are still around as I saved seeds to continue the harvest year round. I also maintain ketchment barrels (live in sub tropics)
        Someday I come in with a hat full of miracles.
        Like Paws and scraps on hardwood.

  7. CJ

    Oh how I’d love to peruse your scraps. There was a recipe going around of cherry tomatoes and a block of feta baked over pasta. I made last week and it was devine! Lots of lemon and basil.🤗

    • jude

      I grew basil. I did start some lemon seeds too. Would need much hotter climate or a greenhouse style roof to get any lemons from them tho. Would love that.
      Love feta. In turkey, when we were there, tomatoes and feta and olives for breakfast.

  8. My garden is so very dry. Hoping to have a week off soon to be able to do some clean up and reorganizing. Same here with the tomatoes. The little squares and cat paws are so sweet…

    • jude

      Got some kind of mildew going on. Still producing but at this point, might pull some stuff and encourage new fall greens. Peppers took off very late, surprising! I can always get to a tiny square or two each day.

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