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nine to order thoughts about shift

Sometimes, 9, Nine,  is like a note to self.  Most of the time actually.  I like to make one a day.  Ninedujour Series.  They have turned into a way to journal in cloth.

I happened upon a box of tiny puzzle pieces, leftover from Small Cloth class, so they have taken smaller  form these past days.

Today A can be for temporary  Alignment.  Like this is a temporary page, only the nine will actually hold together.  For a while at least.

Today, it is really really raining.

holding holding



  1. Suzanna

    We had a very very welcome bit of rain here in California a couple of days ago. I love a grey gloomy rain soaked day and the plants respond immediately. Happy. 💚

  2. Your ninepatch and the notes is a poem. I love dark colors, never thought of making most of the patch dark though. It has a depth that I find strengthening, as a way into winter. Raining here too, a lot, and going to get windier.

    • jude

      I stitched this last night, I could not sleep. The darkness came from that maybe, In a way the nines are poems, sometimes I write them down.
      pouring here, no wind yet. Just straight down pouring rain.

  3. What can be held in the palm of a hand.
    We’re going to be warming up over the weekend and into next week. Again. Triple digits and fire warning. This is the way of things.

    • jude

      Sometimes holding something is very important, like understanding, so small helps me remember that feeling.
      I thought the heat would last here but looks like we have moved on here.

  4. bee

    Good Morning Jude ☀️
    Just want to say thank you for inviting us along on your rambles and thought wanderings. Being here… with all of you…is such a peaceful way to enter a new day. Full of gratitude.
    🪡 🧵

  5. Jana

    That center piece (pun intended) shines like a jewel in the dark night sky. Lovely! I have been drawn to small my whole life. Manageable? Intriguing? Portable?

  6. Deb VZ

    Rainy weather the last few days in my bit of Michigan too. And this morning we have dramatically cooler temperatures (from 83 to 63 overnight). Fall is my favorite season so these weather changes are welcomed. My fingers are eager to stitch so I am stitching small scraps to larger scraps to join all together on an even larger scrap. My partner asked what I was making…she doesn’t understand gathering scraps for no other reason than just as a reason to stitch. My work day is filled with data and details…its nice to just let that go with stitching.

  7. Jen

    I think I love everything about this post ( that moon, moving away…moving into…? !)
    And the handwritten thots on scraps ( I do that ALL the time— now, WHERE did I write/draw that….!?)
    And, it’s raining! Wheeee!!

    We are “watching the tropics” ( as I’m sure Pam Sorrells is as well 😓)

    I’m off to go walk the beach, commune amongst the cypress, collect bits and bobs, then I’ll work on my “A”alligator…


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